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A new console for the Nintendo Switch Pro has been announced. Much more important to you will probably be the many other information from today’s digital event.

Known as “The Thousand Blades Wyvern”, the Flying Wyvern Sirius makes a triumphant comeback in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This incredibly territorial enemy is known for its swift aerial maneuvers and razor-sharp scales covering its body. Careless fishermen who fail to notice when ‘Syrigos’ sheds their scales risk being in a hemorrhagic state. Therefore, they should always sharpen their weapons and their minds as well. In addition to returning monsters that appear in Master rank missions and have new abilities and behaviors, the new expansion also introduces two new subtypes to Monster Hunter Rise. The newly revealed Auroracanth emits a constant freezing mist that threatens to freeze everything in the vicinity. However, this also enables it to skilfully glide over the ice while hunting and strike its prey with its powerful icy breath. On the other hand, Magma Almudron enjoys the scorching heat of lava caves and adds molten rock to their attacks to overwhelm them and put would-be hunters in their place.

While all monsters are able to bring Hunters to their knees, Elder Dragon Malzeno manages to turn entire kingdoms to dust. Malzeno leads a mysterious swarm of parasitic organisms that first capture their prey and then absorb their energy. When challenged to direct combat, the Elder Dragon responds with grace and cruelty befitting the creature that inspired him: the vampire. As soon as he infects his prey with a state of “plague of blood”, a duel begins, which first runs out of life energy. If the Hunters fail, Malzeno will evolve into a much worse form, causing destruction to the surviving enemies.

To counter these deadly new forces, the hunters who arrive at Outpost Elgado must develop new combat strategies. While Kamura is known for his unique rope moves and associated Silkbinder attack and Wyvern ride, Hunters summoned to the kingdom will learn new Switching Arts skills as well as the special Switching Arts skill. The Swap Arts ability allows Hunters to assign Swap Arts to two different gears, which can be swapped at any time during the hunt. This new flexibility to be able to choose the right skill for the respective hunting situation allows hunters to overcome almost any obstacle. Hunters under attack while using the Swap Art ability can also use the Swap Dodge to evade the threat of an attack in any direction, or reposition for a follow-up attack. Short information videos about the new alternative skills of the 14 weapon types will be available to interested hunters starting May 16 on our official social media channels.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It also adds new ways for players to form closer bonds with the game’s charming characters through trailer missions. These single hunts allow players to take on and complete specific missions with their favorite story characters. Each follower has his own specialty and will also help players restore their health and set traps. In addition, minions can also ride monsters and thus change the outcome of the battle for the better. Elgado Outpost members like Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Galleus, and Arlow will be available as followers, as well as Kamura members like Hinoa or Minoto. Players can unlock followers as they progress through the story and also earn unique rewards for completing follower missions.

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