Duchess Camilla: Age, Children, Marriage and Relationship with Charles

Duchess Camilla He is undoubtedly the love of his life for Britain’s Prince Charles. They were together in the early ’70s – why they weren’t married at the time is debatable. The only sure thing is that they broke up and later on again, while they were both already married to other people, for a long time. Extramarital affair Drove. Scandal for the royal family, in which Camilla completely did not like the British public.

But since they are officially married together, the negative press around Duchess Camilla has calmed down. She even has a good reputation within the noble family – and one day she will be The king’s wife To be the “Queen Consort”. So who is the woman who will be at the head of the monarchy?

Age, children, marriage – this is Camilla Parker-Bowles on profile

  • family name: Camilla Rosemary
  • title of nobility: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
  • date of Birth: July 17, 1947
  • age: 74
  • size: 1.72 m
  • place of birth: London, United Kingdom
  • the husband: Andrew Parker Bowles (divorced 1995); Prince Charles (since 2005)
  • children: Tom Parker Bowles (born 1974) and Laura Lopez (1978)
  • parents: Bruce Shand and Rosalind Shand
  • the brothers: Annabelle Elliott and Mark Shand

Camilla and Charles: Relationship and Relationship

Today’s Duchess Camilla, whose maiden name is Camilla Shand, grew up in an aristocratic environment, so the British royal family was in her circle of acquaintances. Prince Charles She may have met her in 1971, shortly after her separation from her future husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, they broke up Andrew and Camilla have been in a relationship since the late 1960s, which was marked by several breaks in the relationship. During one of those breaks, Camilla began a relationship with Prince Charles. During this period, Andrew Parker Bowles had a short affair with Charles’ sister, Princess Anneguided.

In 1973 Charles and Camilla divorced. Reportedly, the relationship was relatively serious before this, as Charles was introduced to Camilla’s family. It’s not clear why they broke up at the time, but royal family experts believe the Queen may have thought Camilla was her The future wife of the heir to the throne It was inappropriate. On July 4, 1973, Camilla and Andrew Parker-Bowles married.

It is not known exactly when Camilla and Charles began their extramarital affair. But at the latest 1980 It should have been, as confirmed by several sources. It is said that Andrew Parker Bowles agreed to this case because he also had several affairs. Charles married 12 years younger in 1981 Diana Spencer.

Camilla and Prince Charles divorce and marry

Royal family experts assume that Charles was no longer related to Camilla at the start of his marriage. No later than After five years of marriage Camilla and Charles resumed their relationship. In 1987, Diana was said to have confronted the two. In 1992, Diana recorded phone conversations between Charles and Camilla to reporters Andrew Morton Which was leaked and published in his book Diana: Her True Story. The book is one solution scandal Especially since the recordings caused an uproar in the press under the name of fame.Camilajet“.

In 1992, it became known that Prince Charles had been in a relationship with Camilla for years.

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In the end, the marriage between Charles and Diana ended, in 1996 divorce Finalize. In 1994, Prince Charles for the first time publicly admitted that Camilla was his girlfriend.

After Charles and Camilla’s divorce was finalized, the heir to the British throne announced that his relationship with Camilla “Non-negotiablePossibly. Due to her unpopularity with the British public, Camilla was initially reluctant to appear in public. 1999 is considered to be the year they made their debut together as a couple. On April 9, 2005, the couple married.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla married in April 2005.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla married in April 2005.
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Since the wedding, Duchess Camilla has been a staple in the royal family. Queen Elizabeth I long ago revised her original opinion about Camilla and confirmed a few years ago that Camilla should assume the title of “Queen” with Prince Charles taking the throne.

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