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Munich (OTS) Football legend Ronaldinho plays a tour guide to the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris and takes football fans on a 90-minute bus ride through the center of the French capital – including amazing free tricks by the world footballer.

Expedia has put together an exclusive city tour with Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho for the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris. Ronaldinho will present the most sought-after attractions in Paris by football fans in a tour called “Ronaldinho’s Route 10 Free Tour”. The draw for tickets for the Tour and the UEFA Champions League Final will be made exclusively at www.expedia.de/lp/b/freestyletour.

As the Official Travel Partner of the UEFA Champions League, online travel agency Expedia has teamed up with Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho to create a 90-minute open-air bus tour in Paris for fans. Round tickets are not for sale and can only be won with UEFA Champions League Final tickets.

Named after the famous Ronaldinho shirt number and his love of free football, the tour was organized alongside the Brazilian soccer star, who used to play in Paris, based on a survey of 6,000 football fans from Germany, Great Britain and France. The survey examined the travel behavior of football fans.

Culturally interested football fans

As the Expedia survey showed, German football fans don’t just travel to watch a match. 42 percent also want to see major attractions in their travel destinations, 33 percent take extensive sightseeing tours and 21 percent visit museums. Nearly a third (31 percent) learn a few sentences of the national language before traveling abroad. According to their own statements, all this conveys a certain sense of sophistication to 60 per cent of German football fans when they travel for a football match.

All aboard – sightseeing with Ronaldinho

According to an Expedia survey, 80 percent of German fans would also like to explore the city where the soccer match is being held. Ronaldinho’s Route 10 Free Tour gives culture-loving football fans a chance to do just that in Paris. Ronaldinho, more than any other player, represents the joy of football. His time in Paris was also a milestone in his career as his journey through European football began. Now, the Brazilian has brought his unique freestyle swimming skills back to Paris, where he will direct his own 90-minute tour.

During the tour, fans can enjoy a view of the most famous landmarks along the Seine, visit the favorite Brazilian shopping street, the Champs Elysees, stop in Ronaldinho’s favorite neighborhood for a delicacy, and finish with a drink on the rooftop – enjoy the bar. What makes the tour truly unique, however, is the freestyle performance of the soccer star, who will enjoy the group with his best tricks along the way.

Four lucky winners including escorts can enjoy this unique city tour through Paris as well as secure tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final at the Stade de France on May 28, 2022. In order to participate and win the competition, interested football fans must be between visiting ExpediaDE on Instagram On May 10-16, 2022, follow the page, find the contest post, and select a friend you’d like to take to the finals. The person being flagged must also follow ExpediaDE.

More information is available at www.expedia.de/lp/b/freestyletour.

Ronaldinho, 42, says: “Throughout my career I have played in and visited many amazing cities, but Paris holds a very special place in my heart. It was my first home in Europe. I am really excited for the 10th Freestyle Tour to be involved with Expedia and to be able to convey my love and my passion. for the city and to ensure fans get the most out of their trips outside the 90 minutes into the stadium.”

Marwan Badran, Vice President of Retail Markets EMEA at Expedia Group: “Many games with the public had to be canceled during the pandemic and 60 per cent of German fans were significantly deprived of football. As the official travel partner of the League UEFA Champions League So we are very happy to be able to offer fans a unique opportunity to explore Paris off the field with Ronaldinho.”

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