Freight Forwarders: These are the topics of the future

What will transport freight forwarders in the future? The trade magazine Trans aktuell has published in its annual edition 30 companies inquired about their huge topics. here they are.

If you ask mid-size freight forwarder managing directors about future topics, a clear picture emerges: For more than half of them, it’s about climate protection, sustainability, and the use associated with alternative driving technologies. In second place, with the same number of votes, self-driving and overcoming the shortage of drivers. Another huge topic for freight forwarders is digitization. As examples, entrepreneurs cite more advances in the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Survey of the Eurotransport VIP Club

The survey was conducted by ETM Verlag among the 30 members of the Eurotransport VIP Club – all the medium-sized entrepreneurs with whom ETM has been working in a spirit of trust for years. Twenty-four companies participated in the survey. The reason for the poll is the 30th anniversary of its publishing house and trade magazine Trans Actuel, which publishes its annual edition on May 13. Everyone surveyed have their say on the relevant issue with a picture and profile about the company and their data.

Given the central theme of sustainability and alternative driving concepts, the freight forwarder says: “The years to 2026 will be critical for our business.” to compete against each other. In the case of self-driving, entrepreneurs express the hope that it will also increase road safety. Regarding the engine shortage, freight forwarders also believe that information and education are needed: “We have to show young people the great development opportunities that our diverse industry offers.”

Milestones of the past thirty years

The trade magazine Trans aktuell has also wanted to know about key issues over the past 30 years. The obvious preferred option here is digitization, which has been named by every second company. It is also becoming clear what are the various aspects and impacts of digital process chains. Companies cited the victory of the Internet, the introduction of barcodes, telecommunications systems, and live transport monitoring as keywords in this context.

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“30 years ago, we were still working with printed bills of lading and communicating with each other via fax, land radio and mobile,” says one entrepreneur. “I still remember the time when you didn’t know where the shipment was and when it was going to arrive.”

When asked about the milestones of the past three decades, three responses each were the scrapping of collective bargaining coverage from 1994, the EU’s eastward expansion from 2004, and the growth of global trade. It gave the industry an extra boost.

Redirector: People make company

Trans aktuell has also inquired about highlights within the company since 1992. As expected, there were a large number of responses. Engaging in warehousing and contract logistics was mentioned most frequently by 25 percent of companies. Three references to developing digital solutions, moving to new workplaces, and two each for entering into multimodal transport and generational change successfully completed in the company. But not every shipping company wanted to stick here or name a single event. “People are what make a company. This will remain an important key to the positive development of companies in the future,” says one of the owners of the company.

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