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Due to the demographic development of the population in Germany, the importance of saving for old age is becoming increasingly important. But the topic of pensions is confusing: statutory pension systems, private pension systems, Riester pensions and more – there’s a lot to consider. And also in politics, over and over again Pension innovations and changes Discussed, new things are constantly being created Pension Concepts advanced.

Here’s another reason why pension and special payments calculators, tips and tricks are all around Financial support in retirement More popular than ever with most people in Germany. Here you can get one Overview of current and important topics related to pensions and the most important information on all changes in 2022 In Germany.

Changes for retirees in 2022 – you should know it by now

This year, there have been some changes for pensioners in Germany. While you can be happy about one innovation or another, there are also bitter disappointments.

It comes into things Retire in 2022 towards you:

  • Pension Increase 2022: Labor Secretary Promises More Money for Pensioners: The Time Has Finally Come – There Should Be More Money Again But there is also a problem: the increase is much less than expected.
  • Higher tax share for new retirees from 2022: Since January 2022, the taxable portion of the pension has increased from 81 percent to 82 percent.
  • The age limit The normal old-age pension is 65 years and eleven months at the beginning of the year rose. This applies to insured persons who were born in 1957 and will turn 65 in 2022.
  • “Pension of 63” is exempt from deductionThe age limit of the long-term insured is increased to 64 years and two months.
  • The disability pension amount Calculated from insurance periods completed to date. In addition, people with lower earning capacity are treated as if they continued to work and paid contributions from their previous average income. This gives them a higher pension.
  • The Low assessment limit on pension insurance contributions In the old federal states from 7,100 to 7,050 euros per month and in the new federal states it increases from 6,700 to 6,750 euros per month.
  • subordinate The maximum amount of optional insurance has been reduced for 2022 In the old and new federal states from € 1320.60 to € 1311.30 per month.
  • Employer-financed pensionBenefit for all: Anyone who earns less than the statutory health insurance contribution limit receives the full subsidy.
  • Basic safety in old age: Standard price increases by a minimum of €3.

Basic pension – more money paid to pensioners every month in 2022

After a good year Start of basic pension Checks retirement insurance for most retired Possible claim in Germany. In the new year, the examination of the supplementary fee for basic pensions for all age groups will gradually begin, said the head of the German Association of Pension Insurance, Gondola Rosbach, of the German news agency in Berlin.

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The basic pension payment Retroactively since mid-2021. But who gets the pension increase?

The basic pension is intended for all retirees who have earned below average income during their working life. Here you can learn all about the basic pension.

Pension Calculator: Easily calculate your monthly payments when you retire now

Do you want to know how much money you will have each month when you retire? we show you How is your pension structured? And where you can calculate the value of your pension. There are clear guidelines for a statutory pension. The monthly statutory pension is the total Four factors Passionate:

  • Payment points
  • The current pension value
  • pension factor
  • access factor

Here you can find out exactly how to calculate your pension and where to find very simple online pension calculators that will do it for you.

Pension less than 1,000 euros: here you can find out how poor pensions are in Germany

The average gross monthly salary of all employees in Germany in 2020 was 3092 EUR. The average gross pension in 2019 amounted to 953.94 euros per month. But how exactly is the poor or the rich defined?

There are different considerations: a poor person is someone whose net income is less than 1,126 euros per month as a single family, says Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband in its Poverty Report 2021.

And when are you rich? The federal government says that out of a net 3,100 euros per month, the Institute for Economics (IW) sets the limit at just 4,091 euros. the majority Pensioners in Germany can thus “poor fellow” is set. You can find out exactly how poor it is and what that means here.

Share pension: What is all this ruling on old age?

who – which Scandinavian pension systemwhich has been expanded to include the state equity fund, is considered to be Success model in terms of saving aging. 2.5 percent of statutory contributions flow into the so-called premium annuity and are invested profitably at low cost in independently managed funds. Employees pay the remainder as usual in a classic pay-as-you-go insurance.

The Traffic Light Alliance In the coalition agreement, it has agreed to pension insurance ten billion euros of tax money to build a funded substrate to supply.

with this money German retirement insurance (DRV) Create a fund aimed at utilizing the potential of global financial markets to provide aging services. You can find out exactly what this means and what are the pillars on which the pension in Germany is currently based.

Special payments in the Pension Fund 2022: that is why they are especially worth it now

who one A special payment into the retirement fund Can pay in compensation deductions in case of early retirement. In 2022, deposits will be especially worthwhile. Because you can not only collect points at the exit from the supermarket, but also in retirement insurance.

The pension principle is based on a points system. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung annually reports how high the average salary is for the so-called pay point.

In 2021, the employee had to earn €41,541 annually to receive a full pension. According to the federal government, the average salary for 2022 has been provisionally set at €38,901 per year. one is coming Indirect pension increase same. Here you can find out what pension points mean and what they mean for your pension amount.

Do you retire at 63? Or maybe already at 40? Tips and tricks for early retirement

Do you want to retire early, preferably without discounts? Here’s how that might be possible:

Retire at 63: More and more people are retiring from work and looking at how to retire at age 63. About a quarter of a million older workers retired without deductions at age 63 in 2019: 253,492 insured people received a pension without deductions for the first time at least 45 years after Insurance. You can find out all about early retirement at age 63 here.

pension from the age of fortyAs a general rule, you are entitled to a statutory pension only when you reach the age of 67 years. To do this, however, you must constantly pay into the pension fund throughout your working life. Depending on when and how much you earn and what you paid proportionally, your pension will be higher or lower. frugalists Strive for financial independence early on in order to be able to live on a stable income. You can learn all about austerity here.

More than 3000 euros in pension per month: you have to earn a lot for it

It seems dreamy: 3000 euro monthly pension. Most retirees can only dream of this. A small part of pensioners in Germany receives exactly this huge pension.

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Few of the retirees have crossed the €3,000 limit. You must have a real one for that record holder be – over several decades. You will have to collect the maximum number of retirement points for 45 years.

To do this, you must reach the limit of assessing the contribution over the entire period. You can find out how much money you should earn per month for this here.

Top 10 best places to retire

among the Germans immigrants been for some time More and more retirees. What makes retirees leave their homeland, where are the best places for retirees and what to consider.

Here you can find out what to watch out for, the tax aspects to consider, and where it is best to live abroad as a retiree.

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