Grischa Prömel leaves 1. FC Union: A sad farewell – sport

In fact, life can be very beautiful in Köpenick. On Tuesday, for example, when the trees around the stadium at Alte Försterei were once again sparkling green and the birds from their second year in the European competition seemed to sing. “I have an oasis of luxury here,” said Grischa Prömel with some sadness as he stood before the press in the sunny beer garden for the last time as a Berliner. “Of course, it is not easy for me to leave Union Berlin,” he added.

It’s actually been a fact for several months that he’s been doing this. Prömel had already announced in February that he would be returning to his former employer TSG Hoffenheim in the summer after five years at Union. On Tuesday, he said he chose it mainly because of a “mathematical perspective”. However, this justification was met with only limited understanding in the capital.

Because, in the short term at least, these forecasts may not be as rosy as they seemed a few months ago. When Brommel announced his departure in February, Hoffenheim was fifth, ahead of Union. In the meantime, TSG is back at mid-level, while Al Ittihad can secure a place in the Europa League in the final game of the season at home against VfL Bochum on Saturday.

The midfielder said on Tuesday, but he still sticks to his decision. After all, other factors also play a role, such as proximity to his family in Stuttgart and salary, which is perhaps a bit more generous. Delaying the decision until the end of the season was also not really an option for him: “I didn’t want to wait forever because I wanted to be fair to the club,” he said.

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The club benefited from the clarity that was created. As the Köpenickers announced on Monday, SC Freiburg’s Janik Haberer will move to the capital for free at the end of the season. As a resilient attacking midfielder, at first glance at least, he seems well suited to filling Prömel’s gap in the squad. Once again, union manager Oliver Rohnert appears to be able to make up for a huge loss quickly and painlessly.

However, this departure has some weight in particular. On the other hand, Prömel has made significant progress this season, replacing his companion Marvin Friedrich, who moved to Borussia Moenchengladbach in the winter, as deputy captain, and contributed to the fact that the team remained dangerous in attack even after that. Max Cross move.

In addition, he has always been a significant figure in many of the turmoil of the past few years. In the first Bundesliga match against Bayern Munich, the midfielder, who was still injured at the time, was in the far penalty area alongside the ultras, and his brothers are also regularly found in the stands at An der Alten Försterei. And in recent weeks, he cared a lot about the club, almost emotionally.

Brommel first informed fans of his move to Hoffenheim

He added: “A situation like this after the Forth game, where the fans don’t leave the stadium after the final whistle, where the whole jungle side is still full and calling out your name, I never thought this was possible.” “I arrived here in the capital as a young and inexperienced player in the second division, and I will now leave as a veteran deputy captain of the Bundesliga club that has qualified for Europe for the second year in a row. Of course this does something for you.”

By the way, he “took the masses” with his decision, Brommel said. In addition to the club itself, the ultras also found out about his departure in front of the public. This was important to him, precisely because he knew that Hoffenheim “is not the club most of the union players would have wished for.”

But he made his decision and, unlike his current teammates, he will not be allowed to play in the European competition next season. Still, European nights in fall and winter will be a highlight for him, he explained on Tuesday with a wink. Because: “Everyone can be sure that on Thursday I will sit in front of the TV in the union shirt and cut my fingers off for my children.”

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