Gysi after a trip to Ukraine against German arms shipments: “It does not do justice to our history” – Politics

Interest in the German political scene was initially reserved for trips to Ukraine. Now one wonders who wasn’t really there yet – except for Chancellor Olaf Schultz. On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk was in Kyiv, CDU leader Friedrich Merz was there, as were Bundestag President Barbel Bass, not to mention the traffic light envoys Anton Hofriter, Michael Roth and Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann.

The first representative of the Left has now traveled with Gregor Gyzy to Ukraine. On the war in Ukraine, as on many other issues, the party is divided.

While the party still whispers, sometimes behind closed doors, that the policies of the West and especially the United States are largely responsible for the current situation, other leftists such as Gregor Jesse or Dietmar Barch are taking a clear stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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There is also disagreement over the much-discussed arms handover: the Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow recently endorsed it, citing Ukraine’s right to self-defense, while the head of the Bundestag’s parliamentary group, Amira Muhammad Ali, reiterated on Tuesday that the handover Weapons to Ukraine fatal errors.

We must end the war as soon as possible. However, arms delivery carries the risk of escalation and spread of conflicts.” He repeatedly referred to the fact that Russia is a nuclear power. Instead of handing over weapons, it is now advisable to increase pressure through all diplomatic channels.

When asked how to have conversations with someone who is clearly not willing to talk, he replied:

“The worst war that ever happened was World War II”

Also left-wing foreign politician Jesse After returning from a trip to Ukraine, he expressed his opposition to the arms delivery. She was born in 1948 and witnessed the effects of the war. The worst war ever was World War II. With our history in mind, I want Germany to never make money from firearms again.

Gregor Jesse and Gerhard Trabert report on their trip together to Ukraine.Photo: dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

But I also understand if young people see things differently. “Germany is one of the world’s largest arms exporters. “It doesn’t do our story justice.”

Gezi criticized the fact that politicians and the public media mainly talked about weapons, while the issue of humanitarian aid was ignored.

According to his own statements, he visited the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and the western city of Lviv during his trip.

It was also in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, where the bodies of hundreds of dead civilians had been found a few weeks earlier. He said, researching the relatively short visits to Ukraine by other international politicians in the past few days.

Gezi was unable to speak to senior officials during his visit. He justified this by saying that the request he submitted to the Ukrainian ambassador, Andrei Melnik, did not refer him.

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