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A new nursing home is being built in Neuchâtel next to the motorway and the State Horticultural Fair. And it’s not just about location: The Seniors Center will consist of plenty of condominium communities.

A time capsule containing the chart, the Bible, news, Corona masks and other contemporary documents was placed on the walls on Tuesday afternoon. Final work now begins at the new Seniors Center in Neuchâtel next to the State Garden Gallery and the A5. Residents are due to move into the €13m building in August. It offers 90 rooms in shared apartments, long-term and short-term care accommodations – the latter in particular being in short supply.

Here are the vistas: from the new building you can see the grounds of the State Garden Show, where visitors wander the futuristic park on the Rhine. The house was supposed to open before the show, but the schedule wasn’t feasible: Material shortages, Corona and Co. “We were incredibly lucky,” says Jochen Candziora, CEO of the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald Caritas Association. Now he wants to open his big position at the end of June and open it on August 15th.

House under the auspices of a woman and the saints of Europe

As evidence of the final section, Kandziorra was surrounded by a copper chest with site managers, Mayor Joachim Schuster and Father Norbert Rebarch’s blessing on Tuesday, which also included the Konradsblatt table, Bundesliga table, coins, BZ, Garden Show, and Benedict. Al-Qaeda.

Alla Franz also takes Stein and Trowel to hand her over, and the head of the St. Georg’s Neuenburg Center also has the new home, named after Edith Stein because most of the women work as nursing. In addition, the saint is the patroness of Europe, which Jochen Candziora believes is ideal for Neuchâtel and its proximity to France.

Old double rooms

The St. George Hotel opened 25 years ago. “The house has a little structural problem,” says a Caritas representative: Nearly half of the 70 nursing homes are in double rooms. But Candziora says home construction law no longer allows it, and people no longer want to live that way. Hence the new building according to the latest standards and with additional sound insulation, to which the residents of Gorges are supposed to move in one day “in a short time”. St. George will then be completely renovated, but will then provide 45 daycare places and 25 daycare places.

Edith-Stein-Haus will be occupied almost entirely from the beginning, but almost entirely: in addition to the 75 long-term inpatient care places, there will also be 15 trusted short-term care places, two apartments for seniors, rooms for the sisters’ convent and a shared apartment for staff.

Workgroups enable a more normal life

In general, the center consists of shared apartments: 15 women and 15 men live in 15 single rooms, distributed around the kitchen, living room and balcony or terrace. Alla Franz and Jochen Kandziorra explain that cooking and washing also take place in this flat lot: the goal is for the elderly to live as normal a life as possible thanks to the small unit. For example, they can help out in the kitchen, which will not be allowed in the central canteen kitchen.

One of the six shares of an apartment is reserved for people who are taken care of at home, but whose relatives need time off from time to time. You should also have this holiday feeling: your rooms are on the top floor with a rooftop balcony and a great view.

The need for care places is increasing

Mayor Schuster says the prospect is also good for Neuchâtel’s need for foster homes. The city is at a turning point, with the largest number of people under the age of 21 and over the age of 65 living, and the trend is now towards the elderly. “With 90 places here and 45 places in St. George, we are being saved for at least the next 10 years,” Schuster says. The partnership with Caritas has proven itself. The city helped them acquire three plots of land on good terms. Obstacle-free communication with the city was important to Schuster. Through a window the road to the new city tower is shown by elevator.

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