Many who are interested in the Metaverse might have never played an MMO

Valve (Steam) boss, gaming legend Gabe Newell, is currently launching an all-out offensive against new trends like NFT or the Metaverse. Most of the people talking about the Metaverse now have no idea, says the Steam boss. They may have never played an MMO.

This is the situation:

  • Gabe Newell is something like “the dad of modern computer games”. He is a creative game developer and entrepreneur who created the essential computer platform of our time, Steam.
  • In recent years there have been some tech trends like “Metaverse” that most players don’t really know what it’s supposed to be and why it’s so cool. The Metaverse appears to be intended to be a “virtual world in which people and companies are visually represented, interact and do business with one another.”
  • Newell is now commenting on this trend as part of his “Steam Deck” show: “Metaverse.” It’s old hat to him.

The Steam boss used to farm gold in WoW and didn’t make a bad profit

Here’s what Newell says about the Metaverse: In an interview with PCGamer, he took a critical look at the current discussion on the Metaverse. According to him, there are some get-rich-quick schemes around the Metaverse. For him as an MMO player, this is nothing new anyway:

“Most people who talk about the Metaverse have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. And it looks like they’ve never played an MMO before. They’re like, ‘Oh, you have these customizable avatars!’ and I’m like, Go to La Noscea in Final Fantasy XIV and he told me this isn’t a problem that was solved a decade ago. It’s not something cool new that you’re recently inventing.”

Gabe Newell

Anyway, even science fiction writers have been covering up the idea of ​​the meta verse decades ago. Newell says he is friends with author Neal Stephenson (“Snow Crash”). He is someone who is now considered one of the fathers of cyberspace along with William Gibson (Necromancer).

Whenever Newell meets Stevenson these days, he gets upset over the latest Metaverse furious story. Today’s tech companies wouldn’t understand that the idea of ​​a “metaverse” was portrayed as dangerous in the novels of the time.

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The book created the SF metaverse as a warning. Tech companies read this story as great visions for the future, because a lot of money can be made with it.

New Metaverse fans are ‘late to the party’ but they’re bringing in supporters

Are there metaverses? Newell is somewhat optimistic: he thinks things will work out. But many Metaverse fans may have just been late for now:

“Obviously the game industry has been exploring these technologies for a long time. It’s interesting to see how people now who come to the party are acting so late and see what they’re going to bring, other than people who want to give them a lot of money for some magical reason. But in the end, Useful technology will prevail, so I’m not worried about that too much.”

MMO fans have a hard time seeing more of ‘Metaverse’ than ‘Second Life’

This is behind it: Gabe Newell explains why it’s hard for players to understand what is “unique” in the idea of ​​the metaverse. Because the vision at the end looks a lot like an MMO that’s about the real world of business, a bit like Second Life.

If someone explains to you the great idea that you can play an avatar in the “metaverse” and customize it, as an MMO player you just ignore. We’ve been doing this for decades and call it “character creation”.

The current trend in games relates to the opportunity to earn money:

NFT is the new trend in gaming in 2021, companies are worth billions – but why?

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