Metaverse Trainer, Robotic Assistant for Sustainability, Video Kit

Metaverse trainer

If you wish to react appropriately to the growing interest in Metaversum, you need professional knowledge to see the many possibilities scattered. In this regard, advice was provided in June 2021 by communications consultant and Metaverse expert Simon Graff
Founded on the ground?! Media and Entertainment Limited To this company's website Relationship Browser
Brands and companies are looking to gain a foothold in the Metaverse.

Mirakl acquires Target2Sell

miracle To this company's website Relationship Browser
a SaaS platform provider for enterprise markets, acquires Target2Sell To this company's website Relationship Browser
e-commerce personalization provider, launches a new payment solution and several product improvements. This acquisition is also expected to enable online markets to expand faster and provide better regulation. With the introduction of One Creditor, B2B online marketplaces should be able to act as a central creditor for all transactions. FastTrack Onboarding and Vendor Matching at Mirakl Connect aims to enable online marketplaces to add thousands of relevant, curated, high quality third party providers in minutes.

Robots: Helpers to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

International Federation of Robotics To this company's website Relationship Browser
It has 13 United Nations To this company's website Relationship Browser
Sustainable Development Goals – The so-called SDGs, define robots that are already setting new standards for sustainable development. Clean Energy (UN SDG 7) is an example of how the use of robots is helping achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals: phasing out the fossil fuels that make solar thermal and electricity the energies of the future: International Energy Agency To this company's website Relationship Browser
He predicts that the energy produced by solar panels will meet about a third of the world’s electricity needs by 2050. Heat use accounts for half of global energy requirements. In order to keep pace with the increasing demand from customers, solar photovoltaic and thermal systems have to be produced in larger quantities. So robots are used to automate green technology production lines.

IT Security Poster can now be applied

From May 2022, manufacturers of smart cameras, smart speakers, cleaning robots, smart gardening, smart toys and smart TV products can use the IT security label ( – Sicherheitskennzeichen / it-Sicherheitskennzeichen_node.html To this company's website Relationship Browser
) in the Federal Office for Information Security To this company's website Relationship Browser
(BSI) apply. It’s a sign that makes the essential security features of digital products recognizable in a jiffy. BSI’s new product classification is intended to provide guidance on the consumer market and contribute to an informed purchasing decision when purchasing IT products.

Video production using a modular system

Viennese startup The Impressive Company To this company's website Relationship Browser
Provided with the home page To this company's website Relationship Browser
The opportunity to produce a video demonstration, presentation or information in many languages ​​with just a few clicks. Do the gender and dress of the person speaking and the languages ​​chosen. Then enter the text and the system will immediately calculate the corresponding fixed price for the video, starting at 330 euros per minute. Small and medium businesses and freelancers can use the video collection To this company's website Relationship Browser
Produce professional and affordable presentation videos in many languages.

Nexthink launches Nexthink Accelerate

Numerous developments, such as the increase in working from home, the significant role of employee satisfaction in the “big wave of layoffs” phenomenon and the negative effects of IT disruption have increased the importance of the digital employee experience in DEX in many companies. NextThink To this company's website Relationship Browser
The Digital Employee Experience Management (DEX) program, aims to help companies achieve their goals in the field, create value and overcome diverse challenges using DEX strategies.

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