MFG Baden-Württemberg supports eight games for a total of 430 thousand euros – Hardware

(extract from press release)

  • Backed studios come from Furtwangen, Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Mannheim and Stuttgart
  • The deadline to apply for the next round of BW Games funding is July 26, 2022

Stuttgart on May 9, 2022 – A mysterious castle in the Black Forest, whose secrets carry you away, a frog jumping over sticky sheets that wants to return to the birthing pond, a mysterious treasure hunt in your four walls or an intense escape from a mock war zone – all in the current round of BW Games funding. Supported game projects are entertaining, puzzling, informative or attach importance to socially relevant topics.

In the category of more than 20,000 euros, three projects will be funded: the puzzle adventure “Black Castle” directed by Zetland (Ludwigsburg), the Metroidvania horror game “Tower of Fear” by Space Bag Games (Mannheim) and the unofficial puzzle adventure “Walking Frog” “by the studio Based in Ludwigsburg, the decisions in this category were made by the BW Games Finance Jury on April 28, 2022.

Five projects will be funded in a category of up to 20,000 euros: the tower defense game and the billionaire game “Camp Chaos” directed by Zetland (Ludwigsburg), the mixed-reality adventure “Heimsafari” by Johannes Waller (Karlsruhe), the construction and simulation game “Nature” by Tiny Room Studio (Stuttgart), the survival adventure “The Way Ahead” from Dreamcloud Interactive (Stuttgart) and “Multi-platform VR Under the Sea” by Robert Döhler (Furtwangen).

Funding also increased for 2022

With revised and earmarked funding for BW Games, MFG Baden-Württemberg has been supporting game companies in the state in developing high-quality, culturally or educationally significant digital games and innovative game-themed interactive media projects since 2020. In order to enhance the state’s high-quality developer scene, it has MFG to increase BW Games financing budget from €600,000 to €900,000 for the second year in a row.

The judging panel includes Francatterlib, managing director of urbn pockets, exgenio general manager Kathryn Rausher, Andreas Boehmer, Teamlead ARD Partnermanagement Social Media, Heiko Gogolin, managing director at Rocket Beans Entertainment, and MFG general manager Carl Bergengruen.

The next deadline for submitting funding over €20,000 ends on July 26, 2022. Applications for funding up to a maximum of €20,000 can be submitted at any time.

An overview of the funded projects

Funding category over 20,000 euros:

Black Castle
Media and Games Zeitland, Ludwigsburg
Funding type: Prototype

“Black Castle” is a mysterious adventure that takes place in the depths of the Black Forest in a giant scary castle. Players slip into the role of a young student whose ominous visions confront the secrets of their family and ancestors and draw them under the magic of Castle Black. In a unique blend of turn-based puzzles and point-and-click adventure, solve exciting puzzles, overcome deadly traps, defeat cruel monsters, and try to escape from gloomy walls.

tower of fear
80,000 Euro
Pug Space Games, Mannheim
Funding type: Prototype

Tower of Fear innovatively combines a 3D side-scroller with a survival horror game, incorporating elements of role-playing and adventure games. The story, loosely based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft, addresses serious issues such as racism, homophobia, and abuse. In this context, players lead three characters through a mysterious tower where they have to confront their past and their fears. In this unique combination, in addition to challenging action breaks, missions that lead through challenging levels and puzzles are not neglected.

walking frog
152 thousand euros
Walking in the frog, Ludwigsburg
Funding type: production

Walk The Frog is a slow-paced puzzle game with fun graphics. The game tells the journey of the protagonist Froggo to his birth pond. The task is to sort the world of sticky notes so that Froggo can traverse it. Froggo meets other animals, makes friends and learns to overcome many obstacles alone or together.

Financing class less than 20,000 euros:

Chaos camp
Media and Games Zeitland, Ludwigsburg
Funding type: Prototype

Chaos Camp (AT) is a tower defense game for PC with elements of money tycoon and survival games wrapped in a horror comedy. In the fantasy setting of the 80’s, bad guys and goths roam the streets and fear an apocalyptic hell spread all around. Camp Chaos provides the perfect getaway – a summer camp for rebellious teens, away from the troubles of the world. Stranger things happen at camp just before Halloween. Players run a summer camp filled with crazy teens and fend for themselves against the plague of night monsters that culminates at the full moon.

home safari
20000 Euro
Johannes Wöhler, Karlsruhe
Funding type: production

Heimsafari introduces children’s digitally powered treasure hunt and turns an apartment, house or garden into a fantasy world. Parents can conduct treasure hunts in their homes in a few minutes: just print the puzzle pages, hide them at home, and take pictures of their hiding places. The app leads kids on an exciting adventure journey and offers a great experience with multimedia content specially developed for the stories. In addition to imparting knowledge, challenging puzzles promote joint problem-solving and creative thinking.

second nature
19440 EUR
Small room studio, Stuttgart
Funding type: Prototype

Second Nature is a third person adventure and building game set on a deserted and devastated land. Players take on the role of an artificial intelligence trying to restore the Earth’s diverse ecosystems. The goal is to unlock new areas in order to unlock new species of animals and plants. The focus here is on building ecosystems intelligently, exploring the environment and solving puzzles.

Introduction to the road
Dreamcloud Interactive, Stuttgart
Funding type: Concept

The single rougelike survival game “The Way Ahead” deals with the theme of escape. Based on the real experiences of those affected, reports and studies from around the world and all eras, fiction and reality are brought together. In an intense and immersive game experience, players are challenged to manage their escape from a fictional country plagued by turmoil and war to the neighboring country. They are constantly faced with new dangers that they have to overcome.

VR under the sea
20000 Euro
Robert Doehler, Furtwangen
Funding type: Concept

VR Under the Sea is a multi-platform VR game about chaotic communication and unconditional cooperation. In a research mission, VR players find themselves in an undersea capsule and have to find their way using mysteriously designed controls and tools, which is only possible with the active help of other players. However, descent into the depths is never easy: unexpected events, encounters with monsters of the deep sea, and sudden failures of tools guarantee a chaotic thrill.

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