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At Easter, the program isn’t just about an egg hunt. There is so much to do in the two weeks of vacation! Below are compiled the moderated shows for children and youth in the city, in which the focus is sometimes on artistic creativity, sometimes on the media or sports side. But it doesn’t matter if the workshops last a day or a whole week – they promise fun with new hobbies and a lot of exciting encounters with people of the same age.

Departure to the land of adventure

At Lilalu, Johanniter’s holiday programme, children aged 5 to 13 from Munich can choose from 14 two-week workshops under the theme “You. Me. We – Departure to Adventure Land”: children dance, skate and do magic together Teens conquer the sky, overcoming obstacles, exploring their acrobatic and acting skills – in the process not only getting to know themselves and their competencies better, but also experiencing mutual support and appreciation. Some of the workshops are already fully booked, but there are still places available on courses such as acrobatics, skateboarding, dance academy, color week, acrobatics, and “Hop, Hop, Hooray!” and circus arts. In the first week of the holiday (April 11-15), the five-day all-day workshops will be held parallel in Neuhausen, Schwabing and Sendling, in the second week (April 19-23) parallel in Heidhausen, Neuhausen and Pasing.

Lilalu Easter holiday program, tickets and information in

Just in time for the festival, beautiful Easter table decorations are being created in the woodland palace’s handicraft workshop.

(Photo: Labor Celebration)

Crockery nests and delicate chicks

Children from the age of four can spend their time waiting for the Easter bunnies creatively at the Forest Palace: during the first week of the Easter holiday (April 11-14), they make their own colorful clay nests with funny Easter bunnies, and cute chicks. sheep here. Or beautiful decorations and very special jewelry for the Easter bouquet. For children from six to twelve years old, vacation care is also provided in the first week, when they can draw, do crafts and work with wood. After the festival (April 20-24), the theme will be different, but quite colorful: then folk dinosaurs will be the focus of the crafts, and colorful mosaic artworks will be designed.

Easter holiday program at Jungle Palace, April 11-14 and April 20-24, information below

From travel beds to designer chairs

From 12 to 14 April, a search for unusual furniture led to the Bavarian National Museum, the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Alte Pinakothek. What furniture was there in the Middle Ages? How did the Wittelsbach family make their place in the dorm? And what ideas do designers surprise us with today? Participants take inspiration from the exhibits and design their own furniture and appropriate interior design. The event, organized by the museum’s educational center in collaboration with the city’s youth welfare office, is suitable for children from the age of eight and can also be booked for single days.

Free time in the museum, from 12 to 14 April, registration under

Munich: Inspired by the characters of Franz Marc's animals, his imaginative sculptures were created in the museum's workshop.

Inspired by Franz Marc’s animal figures, you can create imaginative sculptures in the museum’s workshop.

(Photo: Doris Lochner)

Animal Sculptures & Mirrored Glass Worlds

The Museum’s education team at the Franz Marc Museum is once again offering a varied workshop program for families and children during the Easter holidays in Bavaria. Particularly nice: weather permitting, you can draw, build and do crafts outside in the museum’s garden. On the morning of April 12, Easter nests and wreaths will be formed from natural materials with Silke Lühr, or in the afternoon after visiting the exhibition, your fantasies will be painted on large canvases. On April 19, creative young people can make gorgeous large wind chimes or temporary sculptures in the museum’s garden with course instructor Michael Sterna from fabrics, scraps, and natural materials. The reverse glass panels were created on April 22 with the support of Barbara Jungwirth, a technique that really impressed the Expressionists. A fairy tale encourages you to create your precious, sparkling images.

Franz Marc Museum, Coachella am See, Easter Holidays 2022 دورات CoursesApril 12-24, www.franz-marc-museum

Munich: Participants in an Easter workshop produce their own raspberry-like colors from luminous dyes.

Easter workshop participants make their own colors like raspberry red from luminous dyes.

(Photo: Geiger Archive)

Sunny yellow and red berries

Artist Rupprecht Geiger has traced the glowing reds and yellows throughout his life. He collected everyday items and found things in his favorite colors, including Easter eggs. At the Easter Egg Workshop on April 11th, participants follow in the artist’s footsteps in the painter’s studio and create their own artwork. They use luminous pigments to create colors such as sunny yellow and raspberry red, and paint and paste Easter eggs in the workshop, a cozy Mongolian yurt in the garden. The next day the picture appears “I see red!” In the photography and poster workshop. Together, up-and-coming artists explore Geiger’s past workspaces and gather ideas for a joint photo tour. In the garden and in the immediate vicinity, they experimented with digital cameras and photosensitive solar paper. The resulting photos and images are printed and then color processed in the workshop.

Easter Holiday Workshops at the Geiger Archives, April 11th and 12th, 10am-3pm, information and registration at

Munich: Always On The Move: Theme

Always on the move: The “Move!” theme It is a magnet for films, podcasts, and interviews that are created at Kids Media Camp.

(Photo: Kultur und Spielraum eV)

Move into the media camp

Kids between 10 and 14 years old can experience how audio, video, photos, print and social media work in practice for three days at the Pasing Factory Media Camp. Supported by media professionals, they produce (hoax) movies, tutorials, animated cartoons, podcasts, interviews and reports in small teams, and present their contributions and opinions to the audience in a subscribed blog and app. The theme of the business is “Move!” Which opens the door to all kinds of associations. Finally, young media makers showcase their photo series, radio clips, and movie clips at Motorama’s Kids and Family Library, with friends and families in attendance. The organizer of the camp is the association Kultur & Spielraum / Münchner Kinderzeitung in cooperation with the Munich City Library.

do what you want! Children’s Media Camp, April 20-22, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Basinger Fabric, Motorama Children and Family Library; information under

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