NBA Playoffs – Al Horford leads Boston to win vs. Bucks: From siding to Celtic major in the series

Al Horford saved the Boston Celtics from a potential premature knockout against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 4 with the best playoff game of his career. The 35-year-old is so valuable even in his old age, and therefore lies to all critics.

“It’s really rare, but when he’s out, he does,” Celtics guard Marcus Smart said of Al Horford’s rare emotional outburst at the start of the fourth quarter. When the latter sank over Giannis Antetokounmpo. The often demure Horford delivered what was likely his best playoff at the age of 35 and once again emphasized his value in the series.

No, Horford is no longer the Giannis stopper he was three or four years ago – no one is – yet hardly any opponent presents as many difficulties for an MVP as the Celtics big. The fact that Antetokounmpo put Horford on the label in the third quarter upset him, His sister noticed that too. The old reaction was everything.

“The way he looked at me and the way she was going in that moment just didn’t suit me,” Horford said after the match. “It flipped the switch for me.” 30 POINTS, FIVE TIMES CONVERTED – Horford rolled the Celtics on his shoulders when it looked like the defending champion would actually go 3-1 in the series and push Boston over the edge.

Instead, Horford provided the correct answer early in the fourth quarter as the Bucks led by 7 points. In just seven minutes, Big scored 16 points (6/6 FG) and Boston suddenly led again by 4 points. Two middle-distance jumpers, offending dunks, a small foul hook shot, and two three-pointers — Horford showed his full arsenal of skills before Jason Tatum returned the 116-108 win.

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