Never in my life… Season 3: Netflix announces release date for new episodes

Never in my life…

Netflix is ​​presenting a third season of the teen drama series “Never In My Life…”. Now the streaming service has announced the start date for the sequel and has posted the first photos.

“Never in my life…” gets a third season (Credit: ISABELLA B. VOSMIKOVA/NETFLIX)

  • The Netflix original “Never Happening In My Life…” will continue to delight viewers in Season 3.
  • For the new episodes, “The Goldbergs” star Anirudh Picharudi will be strengthening the cast.
  • The third season will be released in the summer of 2022. The operator has already released the first images.

The Netflix original “Never Happened In My Life…” could be with the story about it The complicated high school life of Indian-born teenager Devi It attracts a lot of viewers. The third season of the coming of age drama has already been confirmed. Netflix has now announced the start date and has released the first images.

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Never in My Life…: Beginning of Season 3

Netflix just announced the start date for Season 3. New episodes will be released August 12 2022 in the broadcast service.

Never in My Life…: The Story of Season Three

As in previous seasons, Season 3 will probably be about that The Chaotic Life of Devi Vishwakumar rotate. In everyday life you mainly deal with the subjects of school, family, friends and boys – Sure guys.

Although Davey ends up dating Paxton at the end of Season 2, the relationship with Ben, who is apparently very jealous despite having his own girlfriend, seems to still be around. It can be assumed that Davey’s emotional chaos is still endless And they will gain new experiences in terms of relationships.

In addition, Davey will have to explain to her mother that she now has a boyfriend, which will likely lead to another quarrel between the two. Despite their differences look However, the mother and daughter have learned something new over the past few seasons To start getting closer to each other.

Never in my life…: Cast Season 3

If the third season is released, it is very likely that The main cast from previous seasons again. Accordingly, fans can look forward to the return of actress Devi Vishwakumar Maitri Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnett as Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross, and Purna Jaganathan as Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar is looking forward.

Richa Moorjani will also return as Kamala as well as best friends with Davey Eleanor Wong (Ramona Young) and Fabiola Torres (Lee Rodriguez).

Anirudh Bicharudi (“9-1-1: Notruf LA”) is new to the cast. The actor will play Des, an Indian-American teenager who is as smart as Devi but attends an elite private school.


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Never In My Life…: Trailer & Photos for Season 3

There is currently no official announcement for Season 3 of “Never in my life…”. If anything changes in the near future, you’ll find out here. However, Netflix has already released the first images of the new episodes. You can find these below.

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Never in My Life…: Season 3 production

The The idea for the series came from Mindy Kaling (among others the lead actress in “The Mindy Project”) and Lang Fisher, who will likely continue to perform for the third season. Previous seasons have been produced by production companies Kaling International, Inc. and Original Langster, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Universal Television, on behalf of Netflix.

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