Real Cost and Depreciation: Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR

550 hp, heavy 2.1 tons: how do power and mass affect the consumption and daily costs of a dynamic SUV?

“The buoyant ambiance inside and the massive eight-cylinder compressor characterize the F-Pace SVR. The weaknesses in suspension comfort aren’t that great.” Author Heinrich Lingner is completely taken in by the dynamic power of Jaguar’s SUV. But how do mass and power affect fuel consumption and maintenance costs? We tested and calculated it.

Our test consumption

The WLTP consumption of 12.2 liters per 100 kilometers specified by Jaguar becomes 13.0 liters in the test. This results in fuel costs of €27.68 for this route. The F-Pace SVR could also be more economical and therefore cheaper: the ecological consumption is 10.5 liters, which means that petrol must be filled for 22.35 euros to cover 100 kilometers. At the other end of the spectrum is the sporty consumption: 15.3 liters pushes fuel costs up to €32.57. The latter is calculated using the daily updated fuel price on our partner portal (9 May 2022 / Super Plus: 2.129 € / liter).

Achim Hartmann

Test consumption consists of 70% of the passenger tour and 15% of both the Eco and Sport.

Monthly maintenance costs

The vehicle tax for the Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR is €680 per year. According to Allianz Direct, liability insurance for a 550-hp SUV costs 536 euros for the same period. Another 245 euros will be charged for additional coverage through partially comprehensive insurance. If you want to provide the British with all-round protection, you also have to pay 1,199 euros. This results in monthly maintenance costs of €578 if the top F-Pace is driven 15,000 kilometers per year. If the mileage is doubled, the Jaguar will cost €1,055 per month. Loss of value does not play any role in this calculation.

05/2022 Real Costs and Depreciation Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR

Achim Hartmann

The cost of the Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR is no less than 111,870 euros.

This is how it is tested

The car and sport engine depreciation test consists of three different depreciation cycles. The so-called “passenger consumption” accounts for 70 per cent. This is a trip from home to work, and it averages 21 kilometers. A particularly economical eco-roll, the length of which is about 275 kilometers, is included in the rating by 15 percent. The remaining 15 percent is calculated on the lap of the sporty driver. The length is about the same as the eco lap, but the track has a greater proportion of the highway and therefore higher average speeds. The basis for calculating fuel costs is always the price displayed on the “More tanks” portal on the day the article was created.

Monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, wear parts costs and vehicle taxes based on assumed annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 km without loss of value. Calculation based on trial depreciation, three-year retention period, no-claims SF12 liability category and all-inclusive insurance with Allianz Direct, including discounts for garage parking and restrictions on certain drivers (no accidents/annually 15,000 km/resident in code area Postal 70174 / Not less than 21 / Partner driver over 25 years old.


The 550-horsepower Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 petrol engine costs at least €111,870 and consumes an average of 13.0 liters, resulting in a fuel cost of €27.68 per 100km. Monthly maintenance costs 578 euros with an annual mileage of 15,000 km. If this increases to 30,000 km, the amount increases to 1,055 euros.

Technical information

Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR SVR
Base price 111,870 euros
external dimensions 4762 x 1936 x 1670 mm
trunk size 578 to 1428 liters
Displacement / Engine 5000cc / 8 cylinder
perfomance 405 kW / 550 hp at 6250 rpm
maximum speed 286 km/h
0-100 km/h 4.2 seconds
consumption 11.4 liters per 100 km
Test consumption 13.0 liters per 100 km

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