The last quarter angry! Boston Celtics tied streak with Milwaukee Bucks

The Boston Celtics tied the series with the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 4. The Celtics won the current champion 116:108 and, unlike Game 3, crowned this time with a comeback in the fourth quarter.

The Celtics were seven points behind after 36 minutes, before Alhorford and Jason Tatum in particular turned up the heat. Horford scored 30 points (11/14 FJ, 5/7 three times) and 8 rebounds, while Tatum scored 30 points (11/24, 3/10 three), 13 rebounds and 5 assists. The duo together scored 28 of the Celtics’ 43 points in the last period.

Jaylen Brown 18 points (5/11 FG) contributed to the win but also had serious problems. Marcus Smart also has 18 points (8/13), as well as 8 assists. On the other hand, for Daniel Theiss, it was a familiar evening, he missed all his five throws in 10 minutes.

On the other hand, Milwaukee was not enough for another strong performance by Giannis Antetokounmue (34, 14/32, 18 rebounds, 5 assists). The Greek also obviously ran out of juice in the fourth quarter, which is why he got a little break five minutes from the end. Jrue Holiday (16, 5/22, 9 assists) showed a lot of light defensively, but also a lot of shadows in attack. Brooke Lopez (17), Wesley Matthews (12, 3/4 three) and Pat Connaughton (11, 3/6 3P) also scored in doubles.

Grant Williams started at the Robert Williams center (knee problems), the Celtics had to make a change initially in the five. The Bucks, on the other hand, started out like firefighters, Holliday and Matthews exerted great pressure on the ocean, when all three went down and resulted in a double-digit advance. Aside from overwhelmed, hardly anything came from Tatum again, the Celtics seemed to be surprised. However, Milwaukee missed quite a bit (6/16 in the region) and only topped 25:18 after a quarter.

Horford and Tatum turned in the match for the Celtics

But the Celtics caught themselves. Fewer offensive rebounds were given and open triples were sunk. Horford, already Celtic’s best team in the third game, gave the visitors the first lead of the evening in the middle of the downtown section. Giannis was already on a double (15 counters, 11 boards), but bricks were thrown around. But the Greek also came under heavy pressure at his ends (4/11 only in the area). The Bucks are up 48-47 on the break, despite their 35 percent rate of fire.

Milwaukee came out of the locker room better again, Antetokounmpo took over as in Game 3 and pinned the three and four fouls to Brown within minutes. Tatum slowly found his rhythm on the other side, for the first time rocking his opponent Matthews in a run. The quarter still belonged to the Bucks star, who used his power to hit the basket at will, no matter who got in his way. Holiday pulled out a fifth offense against Brown at the end of the quarter, and Boston trimmed the difference to 73:80 before the final quarter.

With a 7-0 inning, Horford completed his slam, the Celtics bounced back. Then an open exchange of blows developed with several changes in leadership. The man of the hour was Horford, who scored his fifth goal of the night and followed it up soon after with an And-1 against Lopez. Everything was going well for Boston now that Tatum was suddenly on the spot. The striker scored 10 points in one minute, three minutes before the end, the guests were in double digits thanks to 14: 2. Antetokounmpo didn’t get a chance, so offense faltered and the Bucks didn’t get back into the game.

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