This is how you awaken the fortuneteller inside you

Some people have supernatural talent and can see clairvoyance. However, this gift is often latent in us until we accept it and learn it again.

How to learn clairvoyance:

Foresight must be learned

Some people feel more connected to the supernatural and the other side than others. Many of them often have the ability to see the future and experience visions. But like anything else not practiced regularly, this gift fades our whole life if we don’t use it. But with a little practice and focus, clairvoyance can be re-learning. Provided you have the talent, of course.

Clairvoyance: There are three types

But if you want to learn clairvoyance again, you must first know what kind of talent you already have. Because not every fortune-teller sees things that lie in the future right away. While some communicate feelings and auras, others get insights that want to point them in the right direction. So the first step in learning is: find out what kind of fortune teller you are!

1. Seeing the aura

When you see auras, you are aware of the feelings and emotions of the people around you. Have you always felt when someone feels bad? Most of the time, do you also have a plan on how to help this person? So you likely have a clairvoyant inside you who is good at seeing auras. If you focus more and more on this feeling and practice it regularly, you will quickly see a pattern that allows you to see into the future. This allows you to guess how quickly other people will develop and what decisions they will face in their life path.

2. Soul Reading

Soul reading is a more complex type of clairvoyance. Are you at a wedding and feel that you can see more information about the couple and their future in the background than others? This is exactly what it means to read the soul. Because no matter who you meet, you instantly get to know their past and thus also know exactly what kind of person is in front of you. Many do not even know that there is a sleeping clairvoyant within them and simply believe that they have very good intuition. But with practice, expectation can quickly turn into a gift and you learn to see the future.

3. Visions

Visions are the clearest kind of clairvoyance, but they are also the most complex. Because anyone who practices this skill can predict the future fairly accurately. On the other hand, inexperienced people often mistake their visions as daydreams. At the same time, they did not yet understand how to correctly interpret it. But if you focus on it, over time you will see more clearly what the visions or obsessions mean. However, in most cases, one only recognizes one’s future or especially close people. Psychics rarely receive insights from outsiders.

This is how you learn to see the future

Foresight is an innate ability. But most people have to relearn in order to do so To correctly interpret their visions or obsessions. However, awakening the clairvoyant within you requires some patience and focus. You must follow these steps:

  1. Find your inner core: Only when you are at peace with yourself and are completely calm and relaxed can you correctly interpret your vision and obsessions. Meditation and breathing exercises can help.
  2. Concentration: Once you find yourself in the middle of a vision or recognize someone else’s aura, you must learn to focus on it. Only when you fully internalize your insights can you correctly interpret them.
  3. write everything: At first it is difficult to understand your vision and intuition. This is completely normal. So just start writing what you learned. Over time, the picture will become clearer and you will recognize patterns and signs.
  4. Realize your vision: Each fortune-teller has different visions. So do not rely on the opinions of others, but rather focus on your feelings and emotions that accompanied you in the vision. They will show you the way and show you how to correctly interpret your clairvoyant abilities.

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