Trembling victory for the Golden State Warriors! Stephen Curry saves weak dubs against Memphis

The Golden State Warriors came out lightly again and now leads the group 3-1 against the Memphis Grizzlies. In a win 101:98, the Underground Warriors played for a long time, but they appeared in time thanks to Stephen Curry.

Curry didn’t play well on himself for long, but scored 18 out of 32 points (10/25 FG, 4/14 three-pointers) in the final 12 minutes of the game, leaving the Warriors seven points behind. The third quarter could still turn. Golden State had big problems from downtown for 48 minutes, with Klay Thompson (14, 0/7 three), Jordan Paul (14, 4/12 FG) and Andrew Wiggins (16, 1/5 three) symbolizing that.

Zielwasser had only drunk Otto Porter Jr. (12, 4/6 three), Draymond Green made two stops against Garen Jackson Jr. at a critical time, and he, along with Curry, was primarily responsible for the 13:2 run in which the Warriors, Who had to dispense with coach Steve Kerr (Corona), ended the match.

Memphis did well without Ja Morant (the knee), but in the end there were no options. Jackson Jr (21, 7/21, 5 blocks) was the best visiting player, along with Teos Jones (19, 8/18), Kyle Anderson (17, 7/8, 8 rebounds) and Stephen Adams (10, 15). feedback) is very solid.

As in Game 3, Warriors started very sporadically. The hosts had plenty of turnovers, missing ten times in the first quarter and letting the Grizzlies play slowly. They have changed twice with Dillon Brooks and Adams (for Xavier Tillman and Morant) and thus have also adapted the gameplay. The guests didn’t score well either, but won the first division by 24:20.

Things didn’t improve for the Dubbles either, they only scored 6 points in the next eight minutes and it became very quiet at the Chase position. It took 16 attempts before Porter Jr. Finally a mantra downtown. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies were keen to shut down the Warriors’ engines, so it was to their advantage that nothing was going on from the outside. Meanwhile, Jones gave a solid replacement to Morant. Curry finally scored from distance just before the break, leading the Grizzlies only 41:38 in the first half despite all the Warriors’ flaws.

Curry finally turns up the heat in the last quarter

There was finally a bit more registration after the change, but the Warriors just kept looking weird. Memphis continued to calm the hosts and advanced again by up to 7 points without shining offensively. Golden State couldn’t manage the run, and Memphis always had an answer when the game threatened to tip over. This was also the case at the end of the third quarter, when Curry cut short to -2 with a triple indicator. Instead, the Grizzlies increased again with a 7:2 run and hit a wild buzzer from Bane to 69:62 after 36 minutes.

The Golden State club was now struggling under the baskets as well, with Adams creating several second chances while Porter Jr. closed in two triples at the other end. It was something like the initial spark to the warriors, because Carrie was suddenly struck from a distance and the hall woke up again. The goalkeeper leveled from the baseline three minutes from the end, and with 45 seconds remaining, Curry put Golden State ahead off the line for the first time in the match.

Jackson couldn’t counter this at the post against Draymond Green, and Bane went into the fight for the bouncing curry and punished this with two free throws at the opposite end. Jackson Jr. had another chance to equalize with 10 seconds left, but Green blocked the Grizzlies Big three and Curry once again showed any nerves on the line to bag the match after all.

The most important stats

Golden State Warriors (3) – Memphis Grizzlies (2) 101: 98 (BOXSCORE), Series: 3-1

  • The Warriors missed the first 15 triples, the last time nearly 11 years ago. In Game Three of the Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, the Oklahoma City Thunder missed Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook their first 16 attempts from distance, then Westbrook lost only three of the game with 35 seconds left. Dallas won 93-87.
  • The Warriors were lucky in the first inning because nothing goes from the three-player streak in Memphis either. Overall, both teams scored 6/40 from downtown in the first 24 minutes, just 15 percent. Two of those trios came from Grizzlies game maker Tyus Jones. In the end, both teams scored exactly 9 three-pointers, the Memphis needed 35 attempts, and the Warriors 37.
  • Memphis barely had a chance to play in the first half despite Adams on the boards, but that changed in the second 24 minutes. The Grizzlies grabbed 8 offensive rebounds after the break and used them for a 13 second chance point, down from 2 in the first inning. The Grizzlies scored 56 points in the area, and the Golden State only 42. Most interesting: the Grizzlies only earned 15 points for free throws.
  • Stephen Curry is making history again. With four three-pointers, the 34-year-old broke the sound barrier for 500 three-pointers in postseason. No one before him has been able to. Curry only needed 121 games to do this, so he hit about 4 games per game with a 40 percent success rate.

Warriors vs. Grizzlies: Game Sound

Stephen Curry (Warriors): “It felt like we were traded overnight with the Sacramento Kings.”

Kyle Anderson (Grizzlies) portrayed by Brooks: “We can’t be mad at him if his shots don’t go down. But if that happens, we’re a really good team.”

Star of the game: Stephen Curry

The performance wasn’t great, but in the end, the Chef’s three pointers ensured that momentum finally swung to the Warriors. It took 18 points lately for Golden State to win this very poor game.

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