Turkey Holiday 2022: Entry, Corona, Occurrence Value – Current Rules

Long sandy beaches, turquoise waves or bustling cities – in turkey Vacationers get their money’s worth. It is not without reason that countless people, including some from Germany, travel to the country on the Bosphorus every year. who in Summer Vacation 2022 at IstanbulAnd Ankara Or on one of Turkey’s many beaches you should know in advance what is suitable Admission requirements Tells.

  • Holiday 2022 In Turkey: What are the rules of corona applied there? Currently?
  • what is the Entry From Germany to Turkey?
  • What rules apply to Return journey From Turkey to Germany?
  • Falling, mask requirements, distance rules – what’s it like Current Aura Status in Turkey?

Entry into Turkey – these Corona rules currently apply

when Entry From Germany to turkey need some Grammar To be noticed.

  • to feed You need to Evidence – proof Provide a full vaccination. The vaccination must be completed at least 14 days before arrival in Turkey.
  • get well You need to Evidence – proof About recovery from Covid-19 infection. The age of proof should not be more than six months.
  • not immune need negative PCR test (not more than 72 hours) or negative rapid antigen test (no more than 48 hours).
  • children Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the obligation to provide evidence.
  • When entering the country by plane, proof must be presented at the time of departure check in It is served at the departure airport. Corresponding documents can also be issued in German or English.
  • when Access In Turkey, fever is measured at the airport and additional medical tests are requested in case of high temperature or other symptoms of corona.

Corona rules when returning from Turkey to Germany

Which Grammar Apply to travelers returning from Turkey to Germany?

  • to feed And get well You must provide proof of full vaccination or show evidence of recovery.
  • not immune need current one Corona test turns out. here are both antigen test Beside PCR test Maybe. The test time should not be earlier than 48 hours.
  • children Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the obligation to provide evidence.

Gastronomy, hotels and events – Corona rules in Turkey

The gastronomy And Hotels It can currently be used without restrictions in Turkey. There are currently no Access Restrictions: Restaurants, cafes, shops, cinemas, museums and theaters are open.

Lachingen / Langenau / Weissenhorn

Mask requirements, distance rules, smoking bans – hygiene rules in Turkey

The German Foreign Ministry recommends staying in turkey necessarily for application high measurement Follow the advice of the local authorities.

  • In enclosed public spaces without proper ventilation, spacing options and in Public transport apply mask requirements.
  • Apply everywhere distance rules. For other people you should take at least three steps distance Hold.
  • there Smoking ban in the audience.
  • In the event of violations of nationally established norms threaten fines.

Holiday 2022: Is Turkey currently a danger zone?

Current Turkey There is no danger zone It is not on the corresponding list of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). There is no travel warning from the German Foreign Office.

What is the current situation of Corona in Turkey?

How high is the current Corona numbers Like vaccination rate And Dropp off in Turkey? According to Johns Hopkins University, these are the current case numbers in detail (as of May 10, 2022):

  • 7 days occurrence: 11.8
  • New infections: 1,542
  • The number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic: 15,044,921
  • New deaths: 8
  • Total deaths: 98,854
  • Vaccination rate (first vaccination): 68.0 percent
  • Vaccination rate (complete): 62.4 percent
  • Vaccination (booster) rate: 43.2 percent

Corona rules in popular travel countries

Do you want a vacation? These Corona rules currently apply in popular travel countries:

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