You can identify a narcissist through these sample phrases

Narcissists have a certain pattern of behavior and way of communicating. They tend to idealize their relationship partner and then undervalue them. Here are some of the lines narcissists like to say at certain stages in a relationship.

You can identify narcissists through these phrases

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known each other your whole life. It often means that you feel comfortable with each other. But it can also be a negative sign. Especially when someone you know very little is declaring their undying love for you. Narcissists often pretend to be all they want to use later against you. They shower you with affection and gifts before they start offending you. This is all part of a plan to have complete control over you.

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Although narcissists likely don’t get together to share their plans and tactics, they seem to work in a similar way. “It’s as if they are following the same evidence, even though no one has ever given them that evidence,” says psychologist Perpetua Neo, who works with victims of narcissists. “They are almost programmed.” There are some expressions that narcissists use. This is familiar to anyone who has dealt with such people.

Here are some of the phrases narcissists commonly use in the three stages of a relationship.

Narcissists often use the same phrases – that’s how you get to know them

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1. The ideal stage

In the first few weeks you will hear the following things from narcissists:

2. Devaluation stage

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During this stage, narcissists may utter these phrases:

To justify the behavior, narcissists often say the following:

They will also try to devalue everything their victim loves. Your hobbies, interests and family.

Narcissists benefit.

If the victim tells someone about it, the narcissist will take revenge and make their lives worse. The following phrases are common:

3. Elimination stage

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They will poison their victim:

Things will get worse

This article originally appeared on Business Insider in July 2018. It has now been reviewed and updated.

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