A fifth of Americans met their spouse while traveling and 30% dated someone they met on a plane

If you’re looking for friendship or romance, a trip might be worth taking — more than a fifth of Americans have met their spouse while traveling, according to a new study.

The survey of 2,000 Americans who traveled internationally examined the importance of connecting with others and the lasting relationships that can form while on vacation.

Zusätzlich zu den 23% der Befragten, die jemanden geheiratet haben, den sie auf Reisen kennengelernt haben, hatte ein Drittel (33%) eine „Urlaubsromanze” und ein Viertel (25%) hat bestden kenseng iende ein hr. to have.

And some respondents didn’t even have to make it to their destination to find romance – three in 10 have dated someone they met on the plane.

The study — conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Exodus Travels, which offers international group tours and self-guided tours — found that some vacation relationships last longer than others, which may be a good thing for these respondents.

Seventy-seven percent made lifelong friendships while traveling — an average of five.

I've been dating a guy for months and just found out he's the father of my child

For other respondents, these relationships became ‘social media friendships’ or remained ‘holiday friendships’. In an average flight, respondents make four new friends (regardless of whether they are in contact after the flight or not) and gain 12 new followers on social media.

But the loss of contact should not be viewed negatively: 79% believe that making new friends during a trip makes the trip better, even if they don’t stay in touch afterwards.

And for 69% of participants, travel — and the people they met along the way — made them friendlier and more interesting.

Two-thirds (66%) said meeting new people during a trip makes for a much better experience, and 77% think meeting locals makes the trip more rewarding and immersive.

“Being connected with new cultures and connecting with characters you don’t encounter in your everyday life at home can be an inspiring, rewarding and life-changing experience,” said Robin Brooks, Director of Exodus Travels. “Meeting people from different backgrounds – whether they are other travelers from all over the world or locals at your destination – can be the most important and memorable part of the adventure.

“After a nearly two-year hiatus from overseas vacations and public gatherings due to the pandemic, traveling, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and staying together is now on many people’s minds.”

Respondents are very excited about the new experiences that travel will bring (44%) because it is safe again, while others look forward to seeing and spending time with loved ones (44%).

According to those surveyed, travel can also strengthen existing connections (71%).

69% of respondents believe the right travel companion can be everything and the end of travel – and 71% have met someone while traveling who gave them a new perspective or changed their lives.

For those who want to meet new people while traveling, participating in different activities turned out to be the best way (31%).

This was followed by group travel and attending hotel events – which came in second (28%). Respondents also said exercise was a great way to meet people (27%), while others said they spend time in a bar or restaurant to socialize (26%).

Interestingly, 20% of respondents said they find it easier to meet people when traveling alone.

And that’s not the only advantage of solo travel: 49% of respondents have already made a life-changing solo trip.

“We’re not surprised that a lot of respondents say the people they travel with are a factor in the success of the trip,” Brooks said. “That’s why it’s so important to get involved in activities and be prepared to meet new people when traveling. We strongly believe in the importance of group travel as a way for travelers to connect and grow during the trip – it’s a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone while spending time with others.”

And who knows? Perhaps on your next trip you will meet your future wife or your new best friend.”

Which of the following did the participants take?

‘Best friend on vacation’ (someone they finished hanging out with while traveling but didn’t keep in touch) – 36%
Have a “holiday romance” (a romance that only lasted while on vacation) – 33%
Planning a future trip with someone they met while traveling – 31%
History of someone they met while traveling (not on the plane) – 30%
History of someone they met while traveling on an airplane – 30%
Lived with someone they met while traveling – 28%
Have a best friend they met while traveling – 27%
Had a best friend they met while traveling – 25%
Spent 1 night while traveling – 25%
Married someone they met while traveling – 23%

What are the best ways to meet new people and make connections during a trip?

Participation in many different activities while traveling – 31%
Group excursion travel – 28% (restricted)
Attendance at hotel events (afternoon tea, cocktails, shows) – 28% (obligatory)
Being active (gym, hiking, tennis, biking, kayaking, golf, etc.) – 27%
In a bar or restaurant – 26%
Social media use – 25% (restricted)
Stayed in a hotel – 25% (restricted)
On the beach – 25%
Visiting museums or historical sites – 25%
Went on a group tour – 24% (undecided)
Went on a cruise – 24% (undecided)
Live music – 24%
Cooking or wine tasting lessons – 24%
Learn the local language – 23%
Use an app to meet other travelers – 21%

One in ten has dated someone they met on the plane


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