A happy marriage for a long time: the secret of a harmonious partnership

Married happily and contentedly – after a seven-year itch. If this is what you want, then there are some secrets that can make your relationship harmonious. We will tell you.

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You cannot buy happiness. But it should not be left to chance – especially in the case of love.

Online dating agency ElitePartner asked 2,880 people what makes them happy in their relationship.

Up front: It’s not an expensive anniversary gift!

1. Be a strength team

Before exciting world trips or nighttime sex, when it comes to happiness in a partnership, one thing is at the fore: teamwork. Couples who work as a team feel more satisfied than others.

88 percent of satisfied couples reported being well organized in daily life and that they felt supported by their partners when they had concerns and problems.

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Graduate Psychologist Lisa Fischbach of ElitePartner explains in a press release: “Being able to rely on your partner in all situations in life enhances confidence in the stability of the partnership. Long-term couples in particular are often the first to report their positive quality as a team.”

2. Shows humor and interest

Laughing makes you happy – especially when you do it together. 84 percent of happy couples said they laughed together “a lot” or “a lot”. For dissatisfied couples, the figure was just 47 percent.

Deep conversations go hand in hand with laughter. Two-thirds of happy couples often have valuable conversations—for certified psychologist Lisa Fischbach, it’s an “expression of genuine concern.”

3. Give freedom

Keyword Freedom: Especially in romantic relationships, it is important to get involved with the other person, but also not to neglect one’s interests and friends. Three-quarters (76 percent) of happy couples said they spend their time alone a lot or a lot.

One thing that distinguishes happy couples from unhappy couples: 75 percent of happy couples connect with their partners when they travel alone; Unfortunately, it is only 46 percent.

It is important to send a love letter, a cute picture or a short call. Lisa Fischbach asserts that “those who find a good balance with their partner and give them a sense of closeness in their absence form a strong foundation.”

4. Regular sex is secondary

Interesting about the study: For happy couples, sex or compliments aren’t the top priority. Only 58 percent of happy couples reported having time for sex and affection. In terms of interest and compliments, it was only 54 percent.

There were fewer dissatisfied: 27 and 25 percent, respectively, took an active time in love, sex, and affection.

5. Argue properly

Arguing is not the same as arguing. The current study proves this once again. Happy couples often bicker without much drama. This means: less repetition with faster settlement.

40 percent of unhappy couples regularly experience heated arguments, compared to 17 percent of happy couples. Reconciliation comes quickly for only 40 percent of the unfortunate, while 80 percent of the lucky ones bury the hatchet quickly.

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“If the positive parts of the partnership predominate, the number of disputes is not an indicator of the quality of the relationship. But if carried out in a harmful way with accusations or devaluations, it jeopardizes cooperation in the long run,” explains Lisa Fischbach, a qualified psychologist from ElitePartner.

By the way: Every fifth happy couple says that they rarely or not celebrate their anniversary. This is not a measure of satisfaction in a relationship.

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