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As the leading image service provider in Europe, CEWE has a multi-location presence in 21 countries. About 4,000 employees work every day to bring smiles to customers’ faces with portrait products and to get them excited about photography. The fact that employees at CEWE enjoy their work was recently attested by the international research and consultancy institute Great Place to Work® with the award for “Best Employer in Germany 2022”. As one of the nation’s top 100 employers, CEWE was particularly honored for its commitment to creating a trusting and supportive culture of collaboration within the company. About 3,250 employees (84 percent of those eligible to participate) from CEWE Group in Europe took part in the survey. The result: Satisfaction in the company increased again compared to the already good result for 2017. 81 percent of participating employees rated CEWE as “very good” as an employer.

Whether it’s an internship, direct entry, dual study or an internship – many pathways are open at CEWE. (Photo: CEWE)

CEO says Dr. Christian Frigg, “We would like to thank the staff very much for these powerful comments.” For Christina Sonthem Levine, CEWE Board Member for Personnel and Organizational Development, the fact that the outcome was so positive is ultimately the result of an appreciative company culture: “The individual talents of the individual are encouraged without neglecting teamwork and community. We are very pleased that this was so well received. by the employees. Only the environment in which an individual enjoys work and feels respected encourages outstanding performance.”

Recommended by trainees

Training work was also highlighted positively at the beginning of the year: four CEWE sites (Mönchengladbach, Freiburg, Munich and Headquarters in Oldenburg) were honored with the title “Great Start!” In a study conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute. The study not only evaluated the presentation of the training concept in the company, but also included an anonymous survey of trainees. In both studies, CEWE distinguished itself with exemplary results. “We are very pleased with this award – especially since our interns also give us a first-class coaching certificate with this score,” Christina Sontheim-Levine underscores the importance of the Great Place to Work® Award.

Diverse career opportunity in an innovative company

All these positive affirmations are the result of the collaboration of the workforce at CEWE, which is responsible for a wide range of Oldenburg single image products. In 2021, the company provided more than 2 billion images and 5.6 million copies of CEWE PHOTOBOOK as well as numerous murals, calendars, and a large number of other photo gifts. In addition to photo finishing, CEWE is also active in the online and retail print business areas. The companies not only produce image products, but the IT team of about 170 employees also develops software, applications and web applications in-house. In the field of marketing, 140 fellows are interested in developing new products and brands and are interested in the presence of points of sale and trade fairs. The team at the Artificial Intelligent Campus – MAIC for short – has a special function. For example, MAIC has developed AI-based systems that help in image search and selection. With flat hierarchies and numerous opportunities to participate beyond their primary activity, everyone contributes their own ideas so that great things happen. The entire CEWE group is geared towards sustainable corporate governance. This includes not only environmental protection and resource conservation, but also honest and fair behavior, future economic viability, responsibility for employees and social commitment.

Anyone who joins CEWE receives a comprehensive view of the product value chain from the very beginning. This is how a successful start in the company works. In addition to a comprehensive welcome and onboarding day, there are many benefits such as an employee engagement program, flexible working hours and mobile work, a company pension scheme, Cewelino day care, health programs and other benefits that improve working life at CEWE.

Development opportunities are as varied as entry can be: be it an internship, direct entry, dual studies or an internship – there are many pathways open at CEWE. New employees can look forward to an exciting environment in which the focus is on personal development, openness to ideas, enthusiasm for the common cause, and team spirit. Exciting missions, great products, a friendly working atmosphere and great team spirit await you at every position at CEWE.

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