Derek, husband of Jill Duggar, claims that the family relies on food banks to “struggle financially” after “Father Jim stole money” from Bob.

Derek Dillard, husband of Jill Duggar, claimed the family relied on food banks during their “financial struggle” after father Jim Bob “stealed money” from them, according to unsealed court files.

Sisters Jill, Jessa, Ginger and Joy Anna are suing the city of Springdale, police department employees and two other defendants for breach of privacy, alleging the release of a police report about their older brother Josh’s harassment that caused “emotional distress.”


Jill, 30, and Jessa, 31, appeared as two of the five victims of abuse at the family’s home in 2006, while Ginger and Joy Anna did not.

The case was dismissed before trial because a judge ruled that the sisters could not prove that the published report had caused psychological distress.

Derek, Jill’s husband, disclosed in court filings that were exclusively revealed, the financial pressures they face.

In unsealed court filings, the four sisters requested that evidence of their finances be excluded from the case.

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But the defendants responded, claiming in court filings: “The plaintiffs claimed that the defendants’ release of the revised report caused them severe emotional distress.

“Assuming that the plaintiffs suffered psychological distress, and since the plaintiffs attribute that emotional distress to the defendants’ actions, defendants are entitled to provide alternative explanations for any psychological distress the plaintiffs may have experienced, and thus the financial situation.” Plaintiff’s affidavits may be relevant to this case.”

Then they used Derek’s testimony on May 25, 2021 as an example.

As stated in the court filings: “Due to their low income, they receive boxes of groceries from neighbors, and they also receive groceries through an on-campus store.

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“Whether the plaintiff and her spouse are suffering financially may be related to their emotional state.”

The file included Derek’s statement, in which he told attorneys: “Our neighbors sometimes bring boxes of groceries. I also got food through the campus pantry.”

Jill and Derek are expecting their third son after Israel, 7, and Wissam, 4.

She and her husband have their home in Arkansas on the market where they move to Derek’s job in law after passing his bar exam.

Claims against Jim Bob

Jill and Derek have been open about not receiving compensation for time spent on the call-dependence program, with TLC representatives not responding to The Sun’s requests for comment in the past.

People reported that Jim Bob was responsible for the money from Counting On being paid $25,000 to $45,000 per episode.

The couple did not receive any money from the series until they quit in 2017.

Jill said, “Then we hired a lawyer and ended up getting some money back. It was a process.”

“Maybe it ended up being a little more than minimum wage,” Derek said in a YouTube video. “But at least we were able to get something back.”

The show was canceled in 2021 after older brother Josh was arrested for child pornography.

‘No limits’

The Sun previously reported that the four sisters also asked to exclude evidence regarding their relationship with parents Jim Bob and Michelle, saying he had “no connection” to the case.

In the defendant’s response, they claimed that “their allegations of emotional distress open the door to investigations into their lives, including their relationship with their parents.”

Court files claim that Gill is the only family member who “received any kind of treatment or counseling following the publication of the revised police reports.”

The court filings went on to say that Jill and Derek entered into the treatment of a married couple because they were having “some issues” with their family, and especially with their father, regarding their “lack of boundaries” on contractual matters.

According to court documents, during Robert Wayne’s initial psychological evaluation, Gill said, “I saw a whole new side of my father as my husband and I started making decisions that were best for our family, but not in his best interests.”

“Unfortunately, I found that he became quite controlling and fearful and reactionary. He was verbally abusive. Our relationship is not good. It has become very toxic.

“We sometimes text in a family group chat thread, but I don’t feel comfortable being around it and hanging out. It’s not good for my mental health at the moment.”

Jill also testified that her father “humiliated her”.

“They were asked not to come to Duggar’s house without their father’s permission, and her father did not approve of her wearing a nose ring, drinking alcohol, or wearing pants,” the court filings say.

See Forgaven?

The sisters also requested that testimony about whether they had forgiven their brother Josh and why they did not sue him, citing a “lack of connection”, was also requested.

The defendants argued: “The plaintiffs were parties to a PR effort—initiated and issued by a family PR representative/agent—which included instructing the plaintiffs to pardon their brother and publicly announce their forgiveness in order to hopefully stop the feud.” to save her TV show.

The court documents also stated that “Questions regarding the plaintiffs’ forgiveness of their brother, including their refusal to sue him, are also relevant to their initial claim for damages, psychological suffering and suffering in this case.

“Unlike most of those who allege that they were sexually assaulted, the plaintiffs in this case were forced to live with their alleged attacker for years after their respective assaults.

“The plaintiffs also did not receive treatment – or at least did not receive appropriate treatment (none of them can vaguely remember the name of the counselor they once spoke to as a group and in the presence of their mother/parents -) with the shock of the attack.

“Her parents did not take any real measures to ensure her safety for the rest of her youth.”

‘Emotionally overwhelmed’

Court records also contain evidence cited in the response, including Gill’s initial psychiatric report.

Gill revealed in the documents that her counselor indicated that she had suffered “re-victimization” and “trauma” after the recordings were released.

Jill continues weekly sessions with her husband.

Commenting on her current symptoms after the notes were released, she said, “She regularly feels emotionally disoriented and prone to tears… She makes active efforts to control her emotions, being distracted and ‘not thinking about’ the omnipresent ‘triggers’.” She tries to bury them. .

The former Counting On star described her childhood as “harmonious, happy and stimulating.”

She was “close” to her 18 siblings and had both “loving” parents.

“Hell is breaking”

The Duggars then went through a “family-wide crisis,” as police questioned Josh and took him to hospital for treatment, and Gill reported the abuse to the authorities.

The 2015 release of the records had “terrible consequences,” she said, “the gates of hell opened.”

“The trauma is hitting me again, harder than I had anticipated and I would expect to be drugged again just to seek justice,” Gill said.

Jill also spoke about her relationship with her parents, as she “craves” to be in a relationship with her father again.

She said, ‘My husband and I have had to put some strict limits on right now to protect our mental health. We only see him at weddings and funerals at the moment. I think sometimes he wishes we could ‘get over it’ and go back to how it was… We do things his way. “.

She went on to say that she did not want to try to discuss her issues on a smaller scale because there were “too many triggers”.

As for her mom, Michelle, she explained that it “hurts her” and wishes her “husband Jim Bob would shut up sometimes.”

Although she sees them more often than Jim Bob, she said they are still “exciting” and “embarrassing.”

In her September 1, 2021 statement, she claimed that her parents never took her to therapy.

She said the verbal abuse was “looking at her.”

Waiting for the fate of Joshua

Although the case was dismissed, the Duggar family’s legal hardship was far from over.

Josh was convicted of possessing and receiving child pornography on December 9 after a trial that lasted nearly two weeks.

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Sentencing is scheduled for May 25.

Derek, Jill’s husband, was present at the hearing while Jill briefly appeared.

Jill is currently estranged from her father because she accuses him of


Jill and Derek are expecting their third son


Jill, Jessa, Ginger and Joy Anna sue Springdale, police department employees, and others after a police report of harassment of their brother Josh was released.


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