Fourth Division Unterhaching Club Benefit From Adeyemi Millions

Karim Adeyemi’s move from Red Bull Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund ensures that the fourth-tier side can raise several million euros. Triple return to training. You can find all the news and rumors about BVB here.

Here you can find more news and rumors about BVB.

BVB, news: Unterhaching benefits from Adeyemi millions

Karim Adeymi moved from Red Bull Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund for around 30 million euros. However, a large part of the total ends with SpVgg Unterhaching. The striker played for the fourth-tier team today between 2012 and 2018. At that time, Unterhaching collected €3.35 million from Salzburg.

However, the suburban club of Munich has incorporated a clause that brings in 22.5 percent of the transfer fee in the event of a resale. With Adeyemi moving to Dortmund, the regional league club now raises more than 6 million euros, the club confirmed in a special announcement on Wednesday. There is also an option for two performance-related tranches of around €1 million each. Thus, the regional league could receive more than 8 million euros. Funds that the club can put to good use. In 2020, Unterhaching recorded a loss of about six million euros.

“Of course, this signing marks an exceptional day in the history of our club. This is the first major harvest of our youth work,” said Manny Schäuble, Head of Unterhaching. Munich Mercury / tz. Chapel said the current fees should be “sustainably invested”.

Additionally, Hachinger emphasized that in the event of a possible resale of Adeyemi in the future, a portion of the transfer revenue would in turn benefit the regional league.

In the regional league Bayern, Union finished the game in fifth place with 61 points. It is very likely that coach Sandro Wagner’s squad will be adequately bolstered for next season with millions of new BVB.

BVB, rumor: BVB collects too little for Haaland

Erling Haaland will move to Manchester City for next season thanks to the non-participation clause. Apparently, BVB pools much less than previously assumed. In the form of a customized announcement, the Dortmund-based company informed its shareholders in a timely manner of the change in the Norwegian company.

For the 2022/2023 financial year, “a positive impact on the key earnings figures is expected to be around €35-40 million”. The exact amount of the edit clause is currently unclear. While the English language times I mentioned 60 million euros Sports 1 For example, it is still 75 million euros.

Accordingly, Haaland remains on BVB’s books with a residual book value of €20 million because the transfer at that time was written off over a four-year period. In addition, the now deceased Mino Raiola will earn a lot of money with ten million euros, which explains the supposedly low amount in the letter.

BVB, News: Trio is back in training

Adeyemi’s move to Dortmund came as no surprise, but it was very surprising who was there in Dortmund’s training on Tuesday. The trio returned to the field. Among them is Thomas Meunier, who was not expected to return before the end of the season after rupturing a tendon in the back of his thigh. The Belgian has now completed part of the team’s training.

The same applies to Gregor Kopel, who has been off for a few weeks due to a ligament injury. Matteo Mori was there, too. The 22-year-old has been out of the house for more than a year. When he returned to training, his teammates applauded him. However, the right-back will not return to the field on the last day of the match against Hertha BSC. The fortunes of Meunier and Cobel are poor.

In addition, Marius Wolf, Doniel Malin and Axel Witsel are called into question at the end of the season. They were all trained individually at a different intensity.

German League: Table before the thirty-fourth round

place a team Sp. gates differential a point.
1. Bayern Munich 33 95:35 60 76
2. Borussia Dortmund 33 83:51 32 66
3. Bayer Leverkusen 33 78:46 32 61
4. RB Leipzig 33 71:36 35 57
5. Freiburg 33 57:44 13 55
6. Union Berlin 33 47:42 5 54
7. Cologne 33 51:47 4 52
VIII. Hoffenheim 33 57:55 2 46
9. Mainz 05 33 48:43 5 45
10 Borussia Gladbach 33 49:60 -11 42
11. Bochum 33 36:49 -13 42
12. Eintracht Frankfurt 33 43:47 -4 41
13. Wolfsburg 33 41:52 -11 41
14 Augsburg 33 37:55 -18 35
15th Hertha Berlin 33 36:69 -33 33
16 Stuttgart 33 39:58 -19 30
17 Armenia Bielefeld 33 26:52 -26 27
18 Grather Fuerth 33 27:80 -53 18

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