Free for Android and iOS: These professional apps are currently free

So people! There are free apps for iOS and Android again! All of them are actually paid apps and mobile games that are available for free only for a short time. So download apps quickly!

Like twice a week, we scoured the web again today for free paid apps. In the list below, you can see that we also found what you were looking for. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the Apple links were available, so don’t be mad if the app becomes chargeable again after the article is published. In that case we would be glad to hear from you.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Our eternal advice: You should also install an app if you don’t currently need it. Even if you delete them right away, they will go to your collection of apps. If you need it after that, you can always install it again for free on your mobile phone.

Free apps and mobile games in the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • 4K Pro . Camera (0.59 euros): This application is based on Open Camera source code and provides advanced control over features such as white balance, burst mode, timer, ISO, resolution and more. (also in German)
  • Animated face video morph (5.49 euros): Do you remember those creepy videos from the ’90s? You can easily create them with your smartphone: choose two photos and some reference points and see how the magic happens. (also in German)
  • Mandala Maker 360 (1.49 euros): With an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, this simple app will help you create complex mandalas and drawing patterns from just a few settings. (also in German)
  • Spelling test and professional practice (1.89 euros) [endet am Donnerstag]: Improve your English spelling by taking a series of tests. This is how you check how well you know some of the commonly misspelled English words.

Free Android Games

  • an average (0.59 euros): Solve puzzles in complex (and scary) levels using keys and portals.
  • my executioner (1.89 euros): Move the ball to the end of the level by manipulating the elements of the stage. It may sound easy, but it can take up hours of your valuable time.
  • Avengers Zombie: Stickman War Z (0.59 euros)This game takes two popular themes on this list – stick figures and zombies – and combines them into one action-packed side-scrolling game.
  • fast (0.99 euros): If you are looking for a relaxing gaming experience, you should check out this rhythm game with great graphics. (also in German)
  • bonus 57 degrees north (0.00 Euro)This game was previously paid and is now permanently free. Help two kids survive on a remote island in Alaska and solve a strange mystery.

Dinosaur Park – Primitive Zoo, Play for Free
Recreate the wonderful wildlife with prehistoric creatures!

Free apps and mobile games in the Apple App Store

Free iOS Apps

  • vote to do (1.09€): As the name suggests, you can create a simple to-do list simply by dictating it into your phone and setting reminders.
  • Ongoing for Instagram (8.99 euros): Record long videos for Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories and automatically split them into 15-second clips as all “cool” influencers do. (also in German)
  • Pie chart maker (1.09€)Quickly and easily create pie charts on your iPhone or iPad. Then save it, share it or export it to your favorite app or social network.
  • Life Kit for Parkinson’s Disease (16.99 euros)A log application to help you track and manage Parkinson’s disease. Your doctor may help adjust your treatment.
  • MessageFilter Pro (1.09€): Set rules to filter unwanted SMS on iPhone.
  • drink water (4.99 euros): If you usually forget to drink water, you can make your phone remind you to drink. (also in German)

Free iOS Games

  • right skate (€2.29): Knock and flip with realistic touch physics in a realistic skate park. That’s exactly what you do in this game.
  • mind wall (1.09€): A fast-paced 3D arcade puzzle where you have to remove blocks from the wall to let the character pass. Seems easy doesn’t it?
  • nursery nursery (7.99 euros): A selection of different mini games designed to distract and educate young children. Maybe better than repeating the same YouTube video over and over again…
  • the painter (€3.49): Complete levels by painting and merging tiles while mastering other game elements such as bombs, solving tiles, and more.
  • moto hero (€2.29): Don’t let the TempleRun-like icon fool you, Moto Hero is a physics-based platformer, similar to Trials. Take the bike even further by mastering throttle and balance.

That’s it for today and we hope something works for you. If not: on Saturday we recommend more apps and games!

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