Giro d’Italia | Three things stand out in Stage 5 – Leonard Kamna isn’t just chasing points and crashes with consequences

The 174 km of Giro’s fifth stage was the first appearance of the previous day’s champions in their newly conquered jerseys:

Leonard Camna in Pedro Lopez’s blue mountain jersey, as the new holder of the Maglia Rosa proudly showed his Tifosi and was able to enjoy the day: their progress was safe.

The division for the two top sprint stars, who had already been traded as finalists in Messina, was very different.

Giro d’Italia

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In their place, Frenchman Arnaud Demarie managed his long-awaited first win of the season.

Three things stood out in the fifth stage of the Giro:

1. KAMNA Don’t just chase points

Despite the very comfortable progression in the classification of mountains, the victor of Mount Etna was not satisfied with his comfortable position. On the contrary, on the only climb of the day, he sped off with the last point behind the five-man breakaway that was ahead at the time.

But that’s not all: the 25-year-old was also able to put himself in an average race 37 kilometers from the finish line. Even if he wasn’t able to beat any of the time bonuses there in the end: The sign was clear – he also has the pink jersey more than just in the back of his mind, just 39 seconds behind Lopez. The tough stages from Friday give him the best chance to beat them.

In the interview, Kämna was already stacked low with a view of the mountain jersey, but the competition for security should not subside: “It remains to be seen if I will wear the jersey. I look from day to day, but of course I want it to be this way to wear it as long as possible.”

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2. A sudden collapse slows down Iwan

For the majority of Eurosport’s international group of experts, the Australian was the frontrunner on the stage – precisely because the 20km climb in Class 2 was considered (very) too much of a hurdle for Mark Cavendish. The former world champion then fell victim to Alpecin’s team speed, but Ewan suddenly found himself at the back and in an unwanted pursuit.

In the first stage, Ewan was still chasing with great confidence to climb into the final until his fall in the last meters. But on Wednesday misfortune robbed him of all opportunities:

The five-time gamer said, “At the foot of Portela Mandrazi, I had to change my bike. It was the worst possible moment. The team did what they could to get me back, but it was impossible against all the other teams.” The winner of the Giro stage hopes to get a new chance in the sixth stage.

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3 – Demaris “a much-needed victory”

Even without Cavendish and Ewan, fans in Messina experienced an impressive race, which Arnaud Demarie won with confidence after a “perfect team effort” for Eurosport expert Bernie Isle. Salvation for the Frenchman and his racing team – because Groupama has so far only had two modest wins this season.

“My victory shows that you can never give up in cycling,” said the former Milan-Sanremo winner, who was also late in the day’s climb.

His driver, Ramon Sinkeldam, summed up the roller coaster ride at this point emotionally at the end: “Victory was desperately needed. I train like crazy all year to show a performance like today. We didn’t have much in there (on the mountain). I got goosebumps when there were six Or seven of us chasing the field. We weren’t really well off in the sprint. However, it went perfectly in the end. I was in the wind for a long time and so was Arnaud – but he didn’t stop today.”

Now the knot has exploded in Demar, who also took the lead in the points classification and could possibly defend it to the finish in Verona – as he did at the Giro 2020.

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Giro d’Italia

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Giro d’Italia

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