Headphones for €200: these are our top 5 recommendations

Every year at HIFI.DE we test all the important new headphones on the market. Whether they’re in-ear, over-the-ear or over-the-ear, we test all major models every year. Especially in the ear area, you can get the best products for 200 euros. Below we show you what you can expect from headphones in this price range and offer you the best headphones up to €200 in different categories.

These are the best headphones under $200

During our tests, we are always surprised by the good quality of the headphones under 200 euros. Especially when it comes to true wireless headphones, products from this price range really belong to the premium models. But overhead headphones are also available at this price. Special models, the successor of which has already been released, fall into the middle price range in terms of price, but remain a step above in terms of quality. These are our top 5 headphones worth up to €200:

Best in Ear for Apple Users

Price (recommended retail price / street price): 279 euros / 190 euros | Battery life: 4.5 hours (ANC), charging case up to 24 hours | Fast charging feature: 5 minutes charging time to run 1 hour | Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.0 | ANC: yes

  • Great sound
  • Noise canceling is very good
  • High wearing comfort
  • Fully integrated with iOS
  • elegant design
  • Limited compatibility only with Android devices
  • very high price

Apple AirPods Pro are among the best models ever among true wireless headphones. Great sound goes hand in hand with the best wearing comfort, high battery performance and excellent working noise cancellation, filtering out ambient noise very effectively. With iPhone and other iOS devices, pairing works almost automatically.

However, if you use an iPhone, travel a lot and appreciate ANC, then the Apple AirPods Pro are our recommendation as the best Apple headphones for you. And best of all: you can get the headphones regularly for less than 200 euros, even if the suggested retail price is 279 euros.

You can learn more in our detailed Apple AirPods Pro review.

Sony WH-1000XM3 ANC Headphones

The Legend – still one of the best ears around

Price (recommended retail price / street price): 379 euros / 200 euros | Battery life: 30 h | Fast charging feature: 10 minutes download for 5 hours. runtime | Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.1 | ANC: yes

  • very good sound
  • good workmanship
  • Comfortable seat
  • Personal Voice Enhancement
  • cheap price
  • A slight decrease in the volume in the middle

Before the XM4 hit stores, its predecessor, the Sony WH-1000XM3, was Sony’s first model of headphones. Even if the successor improves the quality, the XM3 remains a very good headphone. For the current price of around 200 euros, the Sony headphones are a top-notch offering with good ANC, a comfortable fit and improved personal sound for relatively little money. You won’t find better over-ear headphones in this price range.

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Jabra Elite 85 T

Best in ear for Android users

Price (recommended retail price / street price): €229.99 / about €170 | Battery life: 5.5 hours (ANC), charging case up to 25 hours | Fast charging feature: 15 minutes of charging time for 1 hour on | Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.1 | ANC: yes

  • High quality
  • Great sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extensive application
  • Multipoint connection possible
  • No high definition audio codec

The Jabra Elite 85t is a successful all-round package. In addition to the dynamic and powerful sound, you also get noise cancellation that works well, which reliably protects you from the outside world in most everyday situations. The headphones can also score points with a multi-point connection, comfortable fit, and strong battery life. Jabra Sound+ is a comprehensive and versatile app that you can use to tailor your headphones to your individual preferences. At a street price of around €150, the Jabra Elite 85t is our top in-ear recommendation for Android users.

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The best sports headphones

Price (recommended retail price / street price): €229.99 / about €200 | Battery life: 6 hours (ANC), with charging case up to 24 hours | Fast charging feature: 5 minutes download for 1 hour playback | ANC: yes

  • Good sound with strong bass
  • Strong hold in the ears
  • design quality
  • good workmanship
  • Charging case is too big
  • Few setup options

The Beats Fit Pro plays in the same league as the more expensive AirPods Pro, but focuses on its use in sports. Powerful sound with good bass, high quality ANC and an excellent fit make these in-ear sports headphones excellent. There are probably no better wireless headphones to work with right now. In addition, Beats Fit Pro provides a convenient connection to the iPhone. Unlike AirPods, they are not limited to this and also convince that they are companions for Android users. Are you looking for new headphones to use in sports? Then you will not find better ones in the market.

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Sennheiser HD 560 S - Front Side View

Hi-Fi audio for beginners with cable

Price (recommended retail price / street price): 200 euros / about 170 euros | Weight: 240 g | headphone man: above the ear / open | Offer includes: 3m cable (6.3 mm jack), jack adapter (3.5 mm to 6.3 mm)

  • Excellent value for money
  • low weight
  • good workmanship
  • No case is included
  • Not suitable for buses and trains

With the HD 560S, manufacturer Sennheiser has created open wired headphones for the home that bring true hi-fi sound to your four walls. Due to its open design, which allows sound to pass almost unhindered from inside to outside and from outside to inside, it is really only suitable for listening to music on a home system. He lost nothing on the bus or the train. Featuring a detailed and balanced sound, the Sennheiser HD 560S convinces with its robust build and inspires with an almost unbeatable good performance ratio. So you’re looking for headphones for the living room that you don’t use on the go? Then the Sennheiser HD 650S might be for you.

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Pay attention to this when buying headphones up to 200 euros

Even if headphones in this price range really offer a lot, there is of course a bit higher quality in terms of sound and features in other price areas. Below we explain what you should look for when buying new headphones.

Headphones up to €200: over-the-ear or in-ear?

Sony WH-1000XM3 ANC Headphones
The Sony WH-1000XM3 is the best over-ear models for less than 200 euros.

Are you looking for the best possible headphones for less than 200 euros? Then you should use wireless earbuds. Although the first in-ear Sony WF-1000XM4 costs a bit more, with models like the AirPods Pro, you’ll also find the current best models in this price range. This varies with the ears. The latest headphones from well-known brands often cost 400 or 500 euros. However, this does not mean that you will not be happy with an over-the-ear model for less than 200 euros. Old models such as the above recommended Sony headphones can also convince in all respects.

ANC or not ANC?

Active noise cancellation is one of the most important features of today’s headphones. Even small ears now deliver great ANC. Since most headphones up to €200 offer this feature anyway, you have to make sure that the new headphones also support ANC. Of course, the exception is open headphones like the Sennheiser recommended above.

Wired or wireless?

Airpods 3
Since AirPods have been around, cables have also been a thing of the past for the ears.

For use on the go, for example during sports or daily commuting, it is recommended to rely on a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Many smartphones no longer have a headphone jack anyway, and even if they did, tangled cables could quickly become annoying. Although you can still save more money with wired headphones, you should rely on Bluetooth headphones for convenience.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for yet? In the following leaderboard you will find all the bluetooth headphones tested by our experts:

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