Helicopter flight with his son: Lambrecht announces the consequences

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Updated on 05/11/2022 at 3:55 pm

  • Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has come under fire for allowing her son to fly with him in a government helicopter without participating in a troop visit – but on the ensuing vacation.
  • The Lambrecht party itself sees the need for clarification, and the Minister of Defense herself announces the consequences.

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Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has expressed understanding for the public criticism after her son flew in a government helicopter. The Social Democratic Party politician announced on Wednesday in the newspaper “Metagsmagazin” of the ZDF channel that the consequences will be drawn so that such allegations are not possible in the future.

As a lawyer, minister and citizen, it is important for her that all her decisions are “absolutely correct from a purely legal point of view”. “This is the case here as well,” Lambrecht said. “The costs have been borne.” As a minister, she has very little time for a private life. “But as a mother, it’s also important for me to keep in touch with my son,” she said. We ask for your understanding.

Lambrecht took her 21-year-old son with him in a government helicopter on a military visit in northern Germany in mid-April, without taking part in the military visit himself. The next day, after spending a night in a hotel, the car and bodyguards drove to the nearby island of Sylt.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee sees the need for clarification

The head of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, Michael Roth, had previously made it clear that he still saw a need for clarification. “There are still some open questions, and they will have to be clarified,” the SPD politician said Wednesday on RTL/NTV “Early Start”. Certainly, the Ministry and the Minister themselves will make their contribution. Roth declined his demand for his resignation. He said: “Whoever disposes of the assets, there is no need to resign.”

Katja Mast, the parliamentary director of the SPD’s parliamentary group, defended Lambrecht against the criticism. The defense minister is doing her job “very dedicated, serious and resolute.” She said there are bigger issues to be excited about.

A spokesman for the Union faction’s defense policy, Florian Hahn (CSU), demanded more courtesy from Lambrecht. “Especially in a situation like this, when war is raging in Europe, you have to be especially sensitive. And here the pictures are really inappropriate, as it is clear that family members are flying in service helicopters on vacation,” Hahn told Al-Alam TV. . “In this regard, I would expect the federal government and primarily the Secretary of Defense to be more sensitive here.”

MOD: Lambrecht applies for rides according to the rules and bears full costs

The Ministry of Defense had indicated that Lambrecht had applied for the flight in accordance with the rules and had paid the costs in full. Officially, the assumption of costs was initially “notified” prior to the trip, but the money has yet to be paid. “A final cost statement is currently being prepared. This is an administrative process that is likely to take some time. Therefore, information on the amount of costs incurred cannot currently be provided,” the spokesman said.

Based on what is known as a federal interest in traveling with you, accrued amounts are due. In this case, 100 percent of the scheduled flight can be paid, although it is difficult to book a similar flight on the open market. However, the federal government did not incur any additional costs.

Does Lambrecht reserve the right to take legal action against the media?

The Minister’s visit to Schleswig-Holstein was for the Bundeswehr 911 Electronic Warfare Battalion, which is gaining important insights into developments in the Ukraine war for the military and federal institutions. It is “related to the current strong commitment to the crisis on the eastern flank of NATO,” the ministry said. Lambrecht wanted to get a first-hand impression. “The association provides background information on the situation for the daily work of the ministry and the minister – which is why the visit there and the personal exchange was so important,” the spokesperson said.

In the ZDF interview, the minister was also asked about a report by the daily Welt, which stated that the investigation into the matter was followed by an informal indication that Lambrecht reserves the right to take legal action against potential reports. Lambrecht said that she herself had not been in contact with “the world”. “Well, I reserve the right to respond accordingly to all statements made about me or my family if there are false allegations of facts.” (dpa/mf)

Christina Lambrecht.

Defense Minister Lambrecht has been criticized for transporting her son in a government helicopter.

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