In search of the future autumn festival

Lively atmosphere in Weibertreuherbst: a photo from a time when no one suspected that the virus would prevent the traditional event. Photo: Photo Archive: Alternative Photographer

The difficulty is already in the word: Weibertreu-AUTUMN. Autumn – This is no longer just colorful and vintage foliage. Autumn – That’s the concern now about accidents skyrocketing and regulations getting stricter. Will it happen again in 2022? Probably. In any event, the City of Weinsberg administration does not want to plan the fall of women’s confidence with this uncertainty in mind nor does it wish to sign the upcoming marquee and supporting program contracts. Instead, I canceled the traditional event – and thought about the fact that the fall festival would be mainly good for an elevator. Because the municipal cultural work has to be reorganized anyway as part of the concept of urban development.

Mutation risk

Swinging shoulder to shoulder in the marquee and singing moody songs together — that’s how it would have been repeated again in 2022 after two Falls of Women’s Allegiance was rescinded. If not for this virus. According to a statement issued by the city, if the experts’ assessment is to be believed, “there could be another wave of infections.” In addition, there is a risk of new mutations, “which the Minister of Health Lauterbach expressly warns of.” The format of the Autumn Festival – large parts of which are held in the tent – “makes warning bells ring for officials at City Hall”.

The administration coordinated with the city councils and, given the impossible, decided: No festival for the third year in a row. The risk of infection during the group nursery course in the tent is very high.

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long planning leadership

Instead, wait a few more weeks to see how the situation develops and cancel in short order if necessary: ​​This doesn’t work, says Mayor Stefan Thoma. The fall festival must be planned in advance; Now contracts for the tent and the supporting music program must be concluded. However, since no one can say what the situation will be at the end of September, no signatures will be placed on any contracts.

“We will seize the opportunity and put the festival on new foundations,” Mayor Stefan Thoma said in an interview with our newspaper. This wouldn’t be the first time in Fall Festival history. In addition, the idea of ​​​​redesigning the cultural activities of the city is already being considered. The background is the result of surveying how and in what direction the city should develop. Citizens who took part in the survey were very satisfied with many things in Weibertreustadt (which we reported). When it comes to culture, survey results indicate the need for change. The implication is: “You’re doing top-notch events. But the Weinberger family doesn’t feel like everyone is addressing them,” explains Toma.

important brick

The Weinsberg Urban Development 2035 survey was already in 2020. The fact that nothing has been implemented so far is – no wonder – because of Corona. An important component of the concept is that citizens participate and have a say in shaping the future. Now finally the whole thing has to be sped up. The Municipal Council has already taken up the matter in closed session. The results will be presented at the end of June at a general meeting of the Board. Then the timeline will also determine when and how citizens can participate.

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under the open sky

Currently many outdoor events are taking place again or are scheduled to take place as planned – also in Weinsberg: in July, for example, Dîner en blanc, which has almost become a tradition. Or the Weinsberg Wine Rise, which premiered last year and was very well received. The Weinsberger Tal Tourist Association’s Weinsberger Weinsommer with wineries and co-op winery was also launched in 2021. It was also very popular, so there will be a new release this summer.

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