Last Minute Travel Destinations for Autumn Vacation NRW 2021

Destinations for last minute travelers
These are last minute chances for a fall break in NRW

An unexpected number of people want to go south during school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia. Tui and Co. explains. That there are still offers, but they are often fairly expensive. One country is particularly cheap, but non-vaccinators risk it.

On Tuesday of this week, the educational family of Linz from Essen (names changed) decided to go on autumn vacation: almost 14 days in Croatia *, the apartment was a few meters from the sea, including the return trip should cost Dubrovnik 3,000 euros including teenage children, i.e. 750 euros per person.

On Wednesday, when booking online, the due date of more than 800 euros suddenly, the parents pulled the rope: they booked a flight for everyone from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Brindisi in southern Italy for about 700 euros. Because the demand for housing is currently limited, the father found a relatively cheap vacation apartment on the beach. “It’s not environmentally friendly,” he says, “but we want to go out again.”

The example illustrates the chances of a nice vacation during the fall holidays in NRW, which begins October 9: Due to high demand, measured by somewhat lower flight capacities compared to pre-corona, there is not much to note from the discount rates. But if you ask around you, you can find many possibilities. “Southern Europe is already relatively empty in October, and this is also an opportunity for travelers,” says Dirk Hammacher of First Reisebüro in Mönchengladbach. A Eurowings spokesperson added: “We have record bookings here because there is so much catching up. . . ”

Organizers confirm high demand for fall reservations. “There are still some interesting options in terms of price,” Schauinsland in Duisburg says. “Many citizens have already booked for extended periods, but there are still bargains,” a Tui spokesperson says. The main trend is that a large number of citizens are booking in a short time.

Tui set the most popular goals this fall. The top five are the Antalya region of Turkey, the standard destination Mallorca, Crete, Rhodes and the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. All of these destinations are distinguished by the fact that at the end of October it is still very pleasant. “In late autumn and winter, the Canary Islands will become the new Mallorca,” says Jens Bischoff, president of Eurowings, the airline that dominates Dusseldorf.

What are the offers? “Price for a week’s half board including flight, hotel, transfer and tour guide starts from 500 to 600 euros,” Schauinsland explains. Croatia, Turkey and Mallorca are affordable, as is Egypt. Research published on the site confirms this: a week in an apartment in Cala Ratjada on the Germans’ favorite island costs 549 euros including half board for two and departure on Wednesday 13 October. Dusseldorf and Dortmund are possible airports. Similar offers can be found on Tui.

To Croatia, cheaper deals can be booked 20 or 30 euros in Schwensland, here also with the departure from Cologne Bonn next to Düsseldorf, often with the arrival at 8 pm.

Greece and the Canary Islands are much more expensive because they are much warmer. According to the press office, market leader Tui is offering a five-star week of TUI Kids Club Aquila Rithymna (Crete) in October starting at €620 per person in an all-inclusive double room and a TUI flight to/from Germany. Children will be allowed to attend from 324 euros. But when checking online offers from NRW, there is no option for less than 1,000 euros per adult, and in one case a flight via Amsterdam is offered.

But there is hope. Self-catering apartments can be found in Crete for just over €600 including flights and transfers, although an early afternoon departure time of 2.30pm on Tuesday 12th October is acceptable. The fact that Tui uses an airline called “European Charter” shows that all reserves are being lifted. Düsseldorf Airport expects up to 380 aircraft per day during the autumn holidays, which could mean about 60,000 passengers.

According to Tui’s press office, a week at TUI Magic Life in Fuerteventura in October costs from €854 per person in an all-inclusive double room. An online search here shows that of NRW at least 1,300€ payable. But at somewhat simpler addresses such as the Royal Palm Resort & Spa, around 1,000 euros are to be paid “only”.

In Schweinsland there are many apartments for a week in Fuerteventura for 800 euros per person, in Tenerife even for 650 euros, perhaps because flights are cheaper.

The organizers believe that Turkey and Egypt will also be interesting destinations, but this applies only to those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered from Corona: because both countries are classified by Germany as high-risk areas, unlike Spain and Greece, unvaccinated citizens must be placed in quarantine after their return. It can only be tested after five days. Since the quarantine is self-imposed, there is no continued payment of wages to employees.

You should know that returnees to Germany have to fill out a digital registration form, which then enables a quarantine check. “We airlines have to make sure that the digital entry application is completely filled out,” says Oliver Lachman, president of Tuifly. He recently returned from the Bosphorus and said, “The Federal Police checked the digital registration upon entry. It was well checked.”

Because many citizens are reluctant to travel to Turkey due to the Corona situation, the prices are accordingly: an all-inclusive week available from 500 euros, two weeks with arrival and departure on the first and last Sunday of school vacation at a cost of 700 euros per head half board However, no return will be made Until 10:35 pm in Cologne-Bonn.

City tours are another option for your fall trip, and there are plenty of off-season hotels and apartments just about everywhere. A return trip to Barcelona from Düsseldorf is affordable at around €200. Then a bathing trip to the Costa Brava can be taken. Nice can be reached for about 150 euros, in ten days the temperature is expected to be 23 degrees in the shade on the Cote d’Azur. The cost of Naples is similar, there is the lure of guest houses on the Amalfi Coast or offshore islands such as Ischia.

It is more environmentally friendly to stay in Germany and the surrounding area. Booking company DS Destination Solutions (HRS) reports that there are still holiday apartments in many regions of Germany during the autumn holidays, but only a few on the North Sea island and in the Bavarian Alps. By the way: an ICE train trip from Rhineland to Munich and back costs about 60 euros only if customers decide to travel very early. Children under 15 years old can ride with their parents for free.
* At first we wrote that the family wanted to go to Istria. This was a misunderstanding, she wanted to go to Croatia.

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