METAVERSE: Metaverse – A New Dimension

he is metaverse Just a new metaphor? What is behind this term, which many associate with a qualitative leap? Can one make comparisons here with moving from PC to smartphone? These technological fantasies raise questions. At the same time, legends also began to spread. In fact, we want opportunities and Possible future of the Metaverse Illuminates.

How did Metaverse come about

From now on because of what happened in the fall of 2021 Renamed to Meta at Facebook He thinks he didn’t think enough. We have to go back: much like the ’90s movie trilogy that used the term The Matrix in an inflated way, it’s said to have been science fiction here too, albeit in book form: in work published in 1992 “Snowfall” Author Neil Stephenson allows people to act as programmed avatars and software agents in a shared virtual space.

He describes himself in the introduction as the creator of the terms “metaverse” and “avatar”, which were intended as a marketing gimmick. The term metaverse seems to be spelled out with this. Developed by LucasArt in the 1980s, Habitat is the first metaverse game. subordinate current boom It is again supported by developments in the online gaming world, for example through Fortnite, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

Metaverse like a new science or What is the word bag called He takes the back of the term universe and refers to worlds outside the universe with the prefixed meta word (“beyond”). Given these amazing terms, it is clear that there can never be a clear definition of metaverse.

Metaverse requirements

For such a world to come, some Technologies are intertwinedsomething like this

  • Decentralized Web 3
  • 5G internet
  • AI
  • Artificial Neural Networks ANN
  • machine learning
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Non-fungible token NFTs
  • Holographic and 3D glasses

And much more.

The special thing is that real and digital space merge into each other. Objects and applications can be moved from one world to another. Digital ownership in progress NFTs Get a mark. The decentralization It is a desirable feature in the Metaverse, although it is already known and expected that large corporations and other forces will attempt to significantly influence the Metaverse.

Clear the stage: What’s up in the Metaverse?

If you look at optimistic thinkers, what will the Metaverse offer in concrete terms, you can see the topics in particular TravelAnd to playAnd marketing And work.

You can really immerse yourself in the realms The experience becomes immersiveas it is technically derived from the term immersion (immersion, entry).

Products can be displayed, displayed and selected, and all interactions between suppliers and buyers in virtual store A revolution with entirely new perspectives independent of earthly frontiers. The same also applies to work teams that, regardless of their real place of residence virtual rooms can work together. Teachers, students and students gather in virtual classes. Scientists can default parameter Work on cross-border projects in real time. Huge also imaginable live events.

A recent statement from top English football club Manchester United shows how seriously they are already being taken today: they are planning to build their first virtual stadium with tech giant Sony.

Infinite Spaces – No longer infinitely far

In short, one can say: If something like this happens, it’s really a file Huge quantum leap. In a world that sounds seductive, but there are definitely one or two dangerous adventures in store. As concrete as the current visions are, they will take some time to be implemented. The necessary technologies must be developed and linked together.

Meta, for example, want to do it in Europe 10,000 jobs Create: They will include hardware and software developers, ecosystem designers and security officials, but also creative people such as influencers, because the whole influencer marketing will also be reinvented.

Another ten years may pass before that. Is this far? In light of the show starting after that, not really.

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