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No, it’s not a scandal. If the Federal Secretary of Defense takes her 21-year-old son on an official flight in a Bundeswehr helicopter, she is not violating any laws. What Christine Lambrecht did was within the rules. However, not everything that is legally correct turns out to be politically wise.

This is how Marie-Agnes Struck-Zimmermann, a politician from the Free Democratic Party, assessed the process. The chairman of the Bundestag Defense Committee, who is respected across party lines, was shocked at once.

It is about credibility. It is about the public’s impression of the personal style and behavior of the men and women who rule Germany. At a point many people see as a historic turning point in light of the war in Ukraine, citizens are taking a closer look than usual. The minister’s Easter trip to Sylt could be a turning point in character assessment, even so will politics.

The minister’s 21-year-old son, Christine Lambrecht, accompanied his mother on business trips when she was justice minister. Between seven and 13 such designations are mentioned. The planes of readiness to fly or the Bundeswehr were always ready.

Any member of the Government may do so under the applicable rules. This includes charging a contribution to the cost of the trip. This seems to have happened here in all cases. There are conflicting reports about bill payments.

If the son was eleven years old instead of 21, no one would be interested in the matter. How sweet it is when a minister burdened with work schedules can take her child on such a trip. Very few of our prominent politicians can report from their own experience how difficult it is to take care of their daughters and sons.

At the age of 21 you are traveling alone

But Christine Lambrecht’s son was not 11, but 21. At that age, traveling on his mother’s plane was a surprise. At age 21, you are more likely to travel alone, then by train. You can also post pictures like this on Instagram. But one can also doubt the alleged full purpose of the trip to the coast.

A completely insignificant location of the Bundeswehr as a destination for a business trip before Easter, but with an undeniable geographical advantage of being so close to the holiday island of Sylt. If there is a “Gschmäckle,” as CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrendt has smugly recorded, he is probably there to curse.

Where: due to Gschmäckle. Criticism of Lambrecht’s travel behavior also has a partisan political dimension. False arousal is sometimes a nice Christian social tactic for conversion.

There’s enough stench: questionable handling of corona masks, poor handling of the fee issue, numerous outside contributions to doctoral theses, tantrums and threats toward uncomfortable journalists. All in all, it smells more stinky than tastes.

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This brings us back to Christine Lambrecht. Their self-confidence was more evident than their competence as a federal defense minister. Olaf Schultz’s decision to appoint her head of the Ministry of Defense may have been primarily about meeting the quota of women in the Cabinet; The 56-year-old was known as a vigilant lawyer from a previous job.

If the chancellor had foreseen that a terrible war would shake Central Europe, he would have had to make an entirely different choice for the job. Today he no longer has it. A reshuffle in the post of defense minister will inevitably have a signaling effect far beyond German borders.

But mother Lambrecht should give her son Bahnkard.

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