Mushe (XMU), Fog (Mist) and Highstreet (High)

As more and more investors use digital assets to diversify their portfolios, Mushe (XMU), Mist (MIST), and Highstreet (HIGH) are the three cryptocurrencies that investors should now consider buying. Why these three digital currencies? First of all, all three coins have had a great time in the market over the past few weeks. Mushe has seen the biggest price jump, with its tokens up more than 400% since its pre-sale launch on April 18. When the tokens were launched, the price was $0.005 per token. However, the price continues to rise as the 4th of July date for the full launch approaches. Both MIST and HIGH did well, posting gains in the first week of May before the market crashed across the crypto industry.

Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies with small capital?

The best time to buy an asset is when it is low. As with stocks or real estate, you buy low and sell high or hold. With entry costs for small scale cryptocurrencies like XMU, MIST, and HIGH low, investors can expect huge returns if the price of the token continues to rise. What Makes a Small Scale Cryptocurrency? Well, these are the cryptocurrencies that may be completely new or not yet proven stable in the market. This is beneficial for investors. While more popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for years, the price of owning a token is too high for the average investor. Also, owning a small portion of a major cryptocurrency does not yield the same returns as owning several affordable small cap cryptocurrencies. With small cap tokens, investors can sell as soon as the price rises above their target to make a profit or hold their investment for the long term.

The great thing about Mushe, MIST, and HIGH is that tokens can be used in the metaverse. MIST Metaverse is an open world RPG based on the Binance Smart Chain platform. It is a blockchain-based RPG focused on NFTs, staking, and farming. Players can use the MIST token, the in-game utility code, for multiple functions including buying NFTs or farming both in and out of the game world. The NFTs in MIST are not the typical “trading card” NFTs found in other cryptocurrencies, but rather usable and functional NFTs that can be used in-game and become special in-game items.
Highstreet is another win-win (P2E) game, the open-world metaverse that integrates shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional brands, and crypto tokens into role-playing. Users can shop within the virtual universe with the special Highstreet HIGH token. Tokens can be used to advance the game, access special events, purchase real estate, or purchase limited edition products from the Highstreet Marketplace.

In order not to outsmart these innovative cryptocurrencies, XMU has its own line of products offered by Mushe World to attract players and investors. These products include Mushe Wallet, MusheSwap (DEX), and MusheVerse. Users can use XMU tokens for all Mushe products. The bonus is that Mushe tokens are compatible with other block chains, which makes it interesting for investors, crypto enthusiasts, and gamers who want to use the tokens to buy, trade or sell on the Metaverse. MusheVerse will be built on top of the Solana network, increasing its speed and scalability.

How to invest in a small digital currency today

Mushe has sold over 50,000,000 of the 116,550,000 available tokens in the first pre-sale phase. A massive achievement for a cryptocurrency that was opened to the public just less than a month ago. The tokens are expected to continue gaining ground ahead of the full launch on July 4th. Mushe is based on the Ethereum network but will migrate to Solana and Stellar networks in the near future.

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