New version of the reference collection ⋆

Arturia V Collection 9 is the latest version of the reference collection of software tools.

Arturia V Collection 9: A premium suite of software tools

The Arturia V 9 . collection It is a premium set of reference quality software tools. It is suitable for producers, musicians and sound designers.

32 sponsored tools

The set contains 32 carefully selected tools. Here you’ll find keyboard simulators, modern synthesizer drivers, faithfully reproduced pianos, and atmospheric chords.

Arturia V 9 . collection

The set contains 32 carefully selected tools.

The best software tools from the past, present and future should be collected in one set. They should all offer high sound quality and various functions.

Improve production workflow

With Arturia V Collection 9, a perfectly coordinated production workflow should be possible. With the included Analog Lab V, each preset can be browsed from a single interface. In addition, all tools have a common interface for browsing and editing.

Arturia V 9 . collection

14 exclusive sound banks for new instruments are included.

Features like 14,000 presets, 14 exclusive sound banks for new tools, NKS compatibility, smart macro controls, and in-app tutorials won’t let you do without a bundle.

Arturia V Collection 9: What’s new?

Arturia V 9 . collection

The new version of the set includes four completely new tools.

Two instruments from the new Enhanced Series: Enhanced Chords and Enhanced Voices

Among the new additions are two tools from the new Enhanced Series. With enhanced chords and enhanced vocals, this offers hybrid samples and synthesizers. Samples are collected from chord or vocal recordings with synthetic effects. This is intended to enable a special hybrid sound.

Two new boat classics: the Korg MS-20 V & SQ80 V

Also brand new is the Korg MS-20 V and SQ80 V. The first is a classic among analog synthesizers with semi-modular geometry. The SQ80 V is also a classic. Hybrid composite combines digital waveforms and analog filters.

Arturia V 9 . collection

Four other tools of the Arturia V Collection 9 have been reworked.

Prophet-5 & Prophet-VS V now as individual tools

Previously combined as a hybrid instrument, the Prophet-5 V and Prophet-VS synthesizers are combined as stand-alone instruments. Blows new life into these two classics.

Classic Polysynth Restored: CS-80 V

The classic ’70s CS-80 V multi-composite was also revamped for the range. This should be in no way inferior to the original with a completely revised DSP modeling sound engine, advanced modulation, sound dispersal and a modern advanced panel.

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Fully modified: Piano V

In addition, Piano V has been revised. This next generation piano. This can now reproduce twelve piano models. These range from the old grand piano to the modern movie buff.

Arturia V Collection 9: Features

  • For Windows and Mac
  • 32 software tools
  • 14,000 presets
  • 14 Voice Bank
  • Works in VST and AAX standalone audio module
  • NKS . compatibility
  • V Analog Lab
  • New in-app tutorials
  • HD graphical interfaces
  • Set MIDI for each keyboard controller

Arturia V Collection 9 Price and Availability

The Arturia V Collection 9 is available from now until June 5, 2022, at an introductory price of €499 in the Arturia online store. After that, it will usually cost 599 euros.

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