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Hopefully, after the renewed public hearing, the “hemp lands” will soon be built. Fast internet will also be an important positioning factor for future homebuilders. Photo: Peter

Sufficient families have expressed interest in connecting to the fast internet. The excavators should be rolling by the end of summer vacation at the latest.

Rangendingen – Summary of what the Municipal Council discussed at its Monday evening meeting:

Internet expansion is secured

Demand aggregation for Rangendingen’s fiber-optic expansion is likely to break the 33 percent mark this week – about four weeks before the deadline. This means broadband expansion of high-speed internet is secured by German fiber optics in Rangendingen and could probably start after the summer break at the latest, Mayor Manfred Hoge announced Monday at a town hall meeting.

The provider informed him that Rangendinger had responded “very pleasantly and candidly” to the offer, and with the speed of transactions submitted, was among the 5 fastest, according to Hogg. He noted that with the minimum scores achieved in Rangendingen, fiber optic expansion for the entire community is secured and that according to the core community, demand aggregation will also begin in Bietenhausen and Höfendorf. A similar letter will be sent to families in sub-cities in the coming weeks.


Expansion of the building area Bietenhausener “Hanfländer” must now for the second time in public and official participation. This is necessary after the Nature Conservation Authority requested a “species protection and specific ornithology report” for the latest disclosure, which is now available. In short, she says that from a species protection perspective, the four fruit trees in the application area may not be removed during the growing season between March and November, explained Oliver Freiberg.

Mayor Haug was reluctantly happy that there was finally a “movement” in the planning for expansion. After all, he said, one year of planning time was lost due to the species protection report. However, the “Hempländer” in Bietenhausen is still the closest to a new building area in the entire community.

building demolition

Haldenblick 1 farm hours in Bettenhausen are numbered. The Municipal Council approved a planning request from Rangendingen Municipality to demolish the building with the barn and garage.

Diaspora House Bietenhausen will construct a new building on the site. Nothing has changed in previous plans, according to Pettenhausen – even if a sales contract hasn’t been signed yet. The building will now be demolished. The client is the municipality. However, the diaspora’s home will bear the costs, Hogg emphasized.

The pump track is getting more expensive

Delivery and installation of the pump track at the Höfendorf Stadium is more expensive than originally thought and is now priced at 27,855 euros. The railway will be built in the summer.

The bike path is provided by the same company that set up the pump trail at Hechinger Pool. The track will be created at the Höfendorf Stadium. The base plate has already been plastered with bitumen. In order to save costs, the excavated earth was used to model the outdoor area at the construction site on the artificial turf floor. The gravel removed there can be used as a base for the slab.

The cycling track is a long-awaited wish for the young Rangendingen and it will definitely be a “highlight” on the stadiums. Since the pump track no longer has space at the Rangendinger Funpark, it will now be constructed in Höfendorf. According to Hogg, the stadium is located in the geographical center between the three sub-cities and is therefore easily accessible to all young people from the entire community – also via the bike path.

Fonts are updated

After work on renovating the Rosenrain water pipe progressed very quickly, the municipal council decided on Monday to lay new pipes in Hochegert and Körnerstrasse. The work was awarded as a follow-up order to Dehner and Dieringer for €305,000.

While the new line can be pulled over to the old line at Körnerstrasse, at Hochegert it has to be put into an open pit. Once these two streets are completed, work will begin on Kapellenweg in Höfendorf. There, water and sewage will be moved and the road will be repaired. Construction will start after the holidays.

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