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Samsung will present its smart LED mini technology at the Integrated European Systems Exhibition (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona. Among other things, the company introduces new models of its latest display technology The Wall: Samsung’s novelty for 2022 comes with reduced pixel pitch, practical formats and multi-display functionality. Samsung also offers The Wall All-in-One with a 49mm thin screen, a pre-assembled bezel assembly for easier installation, and an integrated media player S-Box. With its rugged, robust displays for outdoor use and an interactive Samsung Flip Pro whiteboard with smart tech features, Samsung has more features in its baggage that could support hybrid lessons, for example.

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Micro-LED technology has a good chance of helping shape the future of all display technologies. From the luxury industry to the tourism industry – the potential uses for small LED lights are virtually limitless,” says Stephen Pollock, Head of Product and Operations Management CE Display at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “ISE is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world and we are pleased to be able to present our range extended here, particularly from The Wall.”

2022 The Wall – Presenting the lowest pixel score in Samsung The Wall

At this year’s ISE, Samsung is introducing the 2022 The Wall (model name: IWB) – a modular mini LED display that delivers immersive viewing experiences in a large, high-resolution screen format. IWB will be available in 0.63 and 0.94 pixels, with 0.63 being the lowest pixel pitch in The Wall’s range. The new Samsung display can now be pre-ordered worldwide.

The Micro Pitch feature in the IWB shows Samsung’s portfolio expansion in terms of image and image dynamics with 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10/10+, and LED HDR. The Wall offers a wide variety of screen sizes – from 4K video for 110 inches to 8K video for 220 inches. This higher resolution rate is also supported by Samsung’s powerful Micro AI (Artificial Intelligence) processor, which analyzes image content and adjusts image quality. At the same time, unwanted noise is avoided.

Fast startup, great viewing experience

The Wall’s individual components have grown so that commercial and consumer users only need to install four units of equipment to configure their UHD display. This enables rapid and cost-effective commissioning. The new shape can enhance the effect of high-definition large screens and mechanical quality adjustment. This ensures intense and immersive viewing with good close-up focus at the same time.

And the wall is also packed with smart technology: With Multi View, the mini LED wall can display content from up to four sources simultaneously on a single screen – a splitter isn’t usually required to view content. Secondly, the Black Seal technology built into the screen ensures perfect reproduction with pure black values. For this purpose, a film that reduces external light reflections has been applied. With 20-bit processing, The Wall also delivers mesmerizing picture quality and a near-smooth viewing experience, backed by a maximum power of 2000 nits that ensures crystal-clear images.

The Wall All-in-One: Modern and Convenient Installation with Lower Operating Costs

The Wall All-in-One (model name: IAB) will also be presented in Barcelona and is available in three different models: 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch and 2K 110-inch. This powerful, next-generation display comes packed with smart technology right out of the box. The default resolution of The Wall All-in-One comes in 16:9 format. The product, which is sold as full screens only, will be available worldwide after ISE 2022.

One feature of The Wall All-in-One is easy installation using a pre-modified bunny and pre-assembled frame assembly. The kit also includes the decorative bezel in 16:9 format and an integrated S-Box media player, making the entire installation process as easy as setting up a traditional TV. This can reduce the total cost of ownership.

The Wall All-in-One comes with a stylish design and a thin screen of just 49mm. This means that the overall installation is 59mm from the wall to the screen. Infinity’s sleek, bezel-less design provides on-screen input without the need for a separate device for a clean, comfortable setup.

Combined with 20-bit processing, Black Seal technology and Micro AI processor, two 146-inch 4K monitors can be installed side by side to achieve a 32:9 format. This makes it possible to obtain a large image on the entire wall with excellent quality.

Presentation lineup for the modern era: from electric vehicle charging station to hybrid classroom

In addition to state-of-the-art Micro-LED technology, Samsung introduces other new Samsung display products at ISE to meet the ever-increasing demands of today: Samsung’s latest outdoor product series (model name: OHA 55″, 75″) was developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for high outdoor visibility, while its slim design allows for easy installation and IP56 . certification1 Longevity guarantee. Thanks to its robust and powerful hardware, OHA can be used in a variety of conditions. For example, in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which are currently in high demand.

In the education sector, Samsung provides many options for hybrid learning through its products and solutions. The Samsung Flip Pro 2022 (Model Name: WMB), available in 75 and 85 inch sizes, provides both teachers and students with a high level of ease of use and special features for hybrid teaching as an interactive whiteboard.

The Samsung Flip Pro’s newly added USB Type-C connectivity offers built-in video control and power delivery (65W charging power), while multi-touch and high latency capabilities allow collaboration for up to 20 people.2 enabled at the same time. A new intuitive control panel, brightness control sensors, and four front and rear speakers customize the overall classroom experience, enabling convenient video communication even in a remote or hybrid classroom environment.

In addition, SmartView+ allows up to 50 wireless devices to be connected to the screen at the same time. In addition, content of up to four screens can be displayed simultaneously – ideal for larger meeting rooms and digital classrooms. The technology works seamlessly in the background, making the product easy to use for teachers and students alike.

Via the ISE 2022 virtual experience site, visitors can virtually experience the display products and solutions that will be offered on site.

For more information on Samsung’s digital signage solutions, visit:

Samsung cabin is located in Gran Via, Hall 3, 3F600 from 10-13. May 2022.

1 IP56 (Water and Dust Ingress Protection Rating): Degree of Protection Provided by Packaging (IEC 60529)
2 When connected to WorkSpace, web browsers and external devices are required

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