The Division 2 failed miserably

MeinMMO creator Mike Schneider has fondly played The Division 2. The shooter looted as he wished. But he is skeptical about the new ninth season. The new content is great, but in the current state of the game, it’s actually making things worse.

When I was on the battlegrounds of the stealth shooter game with Destiny 1 for the first time, I noticed how much the concept of the game affected me. Especially in a team that managed to break countless hours, the fatigue was dispelled through conversations.

But the Destiny 2 announcement was the end for me, the “Loot Shooter” genre wrote to me in 2017 right now: When I knew Destiny 1 shouldn’t go on, I was out. Collect all items and weapons for free? not with me. Mama Schneider never lifted a head in the air.

With Division 2, I tried my hand at the loot shooter back in 2019 and the old feelings of fate are back. I even started writing about Division on MeinMMO.

Unfortunately, everything quickly went down the drain, and interest quickly declined. With the “Bosses of New York” DLC, I had hope again for a brief period in Spring 2020, but it quickly became clear – there are no real plans for a post-DLC period.

About the author Mike Schneider: The Division 2 is a heart project for me. I started my writing career as a writer specializing in Section 2. I also like the concept of the game. I have no idea how many hours I spent building buildings with pen and paper.

But after a few hundred hours it was over. My teammates disappeared, and my lust went with me. And while I’d like to launch my warplanes on Washington’s enemies once again, I now have no idea when the Division will truly bring me back.

The Division 2 went into some kind of maintenance mode after the big DLC. It brought a story with the chapters, but that’s it. The shooter has been on set this season for nearly two years without introducing anything new. The “Top” mode is a small exception.

Then it was announced early on that at least one more major update was planned – even with another new status. The information is now known, Section 2 begins May 12, Season 9.

But I’m not really happy with that.

Section 2: Season 9 brings a little bit of everything

Season 9 with the major update TU15 can be refreshed by irrigation and offers a little bit of everything:

  • New mode “Countdown”
  • Experienced mechanic for equipment
  • New chase continues the story with five goals
  • 6 events and 4 leagues
  • New weapons, armor token, strange and named items and equipment
Section 2: Roadmap, Season 9

How am I supposed to find 7 more people for the new activity?

Due to events, the season continues until the end of August. Finally, the “Reanimated” event will be launched online, August 23-29.

But let’s be honest: How much potential does the TU15 have? How long does this keep you happy? How many players does this bring back? And of course the most important question when it comes to developing the game further: How much money can be made with it? I think that will not be enough.

The new mode puts players under time pressure and is designed for up to eight people. There is the possibility of matchmaking and you can do it with fewer players. But with 8 people like the raid and time pressure? honest?

Why isn’t it rather something for smaller teams – it’s hard for me to find even one player. And why not use the premium content that is already in the game and find an evolution that makes it more replayable?

For example, I imagine a chase through Washington, D.C., preferably in my global case. Sometimes I have to do quests, sometimes I have to solve a puzzle, sometimes I do a task. So I make my way through the city for hours, discovering the open world and constantly collecting loot.

With the new Manhunt, he plays a proper mechanic – Mission Takeovers. In Season 9, the opponents of the “Real Sons” take on some tasks that will play differently as a result. A good idea by the developers, but hidden behind a limited mechanic – story-based stalking.

Section 2 - True-Children-Disadvantages 2022

You play it once and then wait 3 weeks until you reach the next goal. Championships and clothing events don’t really pull me back.

The only thing I really like is the experience system. Here, too, it can be argued whether this is just an extension of the content, because you can level up every important part of the game again. But the idea of ​​pushing your best gear during playtime resonates with me.

Season 9 gives me no hope

The Division 2 is being developed with a much smaller team than it was in its heyday. Developers now have to more importantly balance what’s important and what they shouldn’t do instead.

But with the ninth season, they did themselves no favors. This does not make the game more relevant again or attract huge new players. It even increases the prospects for a brighter future for The Division in my eyes.

I was hoping to hear news about the movie The Division, the announcement of Division 3, or the possibility of real Division 2 content.

The Division 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix, where customers make bad jokes

But the new ninth season made my view of Division 2 worse. I have lower hopes than before that I will soon be spending fun hours at the title again with my fellow players.

Because just like before with Destiny 1, it was always the other players who kept me happy for so long. But with the arguments of Season 9, I can’t get anyone back in the game.

I’m really interested in what you think of the new 9th season. Are you by my side or do not share my opinion at all? Are you just glad something happened in the game at all?

Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the topic. If you’re now looking for a new loot pistol, you’ll find powerful alternatives here: Top 8 loot games 2022 – for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch and Xbox

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