The new Homematic IP keyboard surprises with additional smart features

The most important things about Homematic IP Smart Home solution in a nutshell

Anyone interested in Homematic IP should note the following:

  • middle: The Homematic IP solution linked to the system offers several control centers to choose from, which, as the heart of the smart home, manage all connected devices. One of the most popular is the Homematic IP access point, which is also included in many starter kits.
  • Compatibility: The portfolio of Homematic IP products is very large and includes for example, in addition to alarm sensors and smoke detectors, there are also shading and heating solutions. In addition, Homematic IP devices can be paired with popular voice assistants Alexa or Google Assistant, among others.
  • crowd: Many devices can be quickly and easily turned on using Plug and Play. Anyone still unsure or planning a complex project for eg If you need to deal with live cables, eg, you can optionally book an installation service directly with Homematic IP.

Homematic IP keyboard is the perfect solution for families

It doesn’t matter if it’s kids without a smartphone, grandparents, or home help who only come once a week: with Homematic IP, they can all arrive at the right time.

Because the system offers the right solution for every user. Whereas for example, when youngsters come home after school without a smartphone with a keypad and a four-digit personal code, older adults have a remote control with a keychain.

For other visitors such as craftsmen, babysitters or cleaning professionals, specific arrival times and rights can also be set via the app.

By the way, users do not have to be afraid of unauthorized access, because the keypad is not only connected to the door lock motor via an interference-free wireless direct connection, but this also applies to all other Homematic IP components.

my work: Even if the Internet fails or the Homematic IP access point, the heart of the system, experiences malfunctions, individual devices can continue to connect.

Go home and enjoy smart convenience with Homematic IP’s smart access solutions

(Homematic IP)

Intelligently combined, Homematic IP keyboard becomes a multi-talented

Unlike many other commercially available lock solutions, the Homematic IP Keypad can not only unlock the front door, but can also be configured to be a specific code, for example. b- Lifts an electric garage door or turns on the outside lights.

A subversive contact is integrated directly into the keyboard to prevent strangers from entering the living area by repeated input of random codes or other attempts at manipulation.

What is compatible with Homematic IP keyboard?

The switchboard can be associated with products from the areas of access, lighting, alarm and shading.

More information is available on the Homematic IP overview page from the manufacturer eQ-3. There you will also find many application examples as well as all the important operating instructions and manuals for individual products.

Where can I find tests and customer reviews for the Homematic IP Keyboard?

No individual tests have yet been published for the new Homematic IP Keypad because the market launch in Germany was not until May 10, 2022. (Status: 05/2022)

who – which Homematic IP . System Itself, on the other hand, has often been tested and won many awards – for example B. from AV-Test, whose experts have certified a high level of security. In addition, AV-Test praised Homematic IP for its ideal economical use of data because the system can be used anonymously. Only the IP address is recorded in an encrypted form for technical reasons.

In addition, this smart home system is also certified by the Electrical, Electronic and Informatics Association (VDE) for Information Technology, Protocol and Data Security.

Homematic IP keyboard price and availability

The retail price of the new keyboard is €99.95. (Status: 05/2022)

Homematic IP Keyboard – Technical Data Overview

We have summarized the most important features of the product here at a glance

  • the color: black silver
  • Field of application: the outside
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to +55°C
  • Weight: 137 grams (including batteries)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 71 x 161 x 29 mm
  • current source: 2x 1.5V LR03 / Micro / AAA
  • Battery life: 2 years (type)
  • Extras: Illuminated keyboard with proximity sensor, tamper-proof connection, encrypted device connection
  • He writes. Free wireless range: 200 m
  • Radio frequency range: 868.0-868.6MHz 869.4-869.65MHz
  • degree of protection: IP44

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