This is the current situation of corona in the partner cities of Rastatt

In recent years, the Einsiedeln Church has repeatedly been a popular object for groups of visitors.

Photo: Rainer Wollenschneider

Currently, anyone who wants to travel to the twin town of Rastatt can do so without restrictions. “The general trend is the same everywhere,” says Evelyn Kintz, who is responsible for twinning towns in Rastatt.

She stresses that “all borders are open,” but still recommends that you carry proof of vaccination with you in addition to your usual identification documents when traveling.

Below, the editors provide an overview of the situation in the partner cities.

Entre Rios in Brazil has been less affected than other parts of the country

According to Kientz, the corona situation in Entre Rios is now very calm with 50 days in 7 days, although the epidemic in this region of the country has not been as much of a problem as in other parts of Brazil. In 1951, the first Danube Swabians came to the Guarapuava community area. Indeed, in 2021, a major celebration should be held to commemorate this event that occurred 70 years ago.

“Due to Corona, the festival has been postponed to January 2022,” says Kentz. On this occasion, a new nursing home and event hall were opened in the city. “Mayor Butch was invited, but because of Corona he decided not to travel to Brazil, but he sent his regards,” Kentz said.

The highlight of the festival was the meeting of the great tractor. In fact, the length of the tractor convoy was supposed to reach the Guinness Book of Records, “but the distances between the vehicles were too large, so the record was not recognized,” Kentz reports.

At the moment, after the last flight of citizens in 2018, no further meetings are planned. Home office is less common in Entre Rios, but online lessons at Leopoldina’s private school are.

Nobody travels from New Britain in the US to tête-à-tête

With an incidence value of 220, there has been a recent slight increase in corona numbers in New Britain, says Kientz. Masks are only mandatory in the healthcare sector, and are no longer on local public transport. “People are back to normal there,” says Kentz.

Mayor Hans-Jürgen Buchs (CDU) recently exchanged video views with Britain’s new mayor. In a letter, she expressed her happiness that the tête-à-tête street theater festival is back again, although no one from the American city has been able to travel to Rastatt for the event.

Orange and Rastatt plan to exchange students

In the French city, masks are only mandatory in care facilities and hospitals. With an incidence of 420 for 7 days, the value is similar to that of Rastatt.

The vaccination rate has reached 80 percent, 60 percent of the local population has been boosted, and, according to Kentz, a fourth vaccination is “in full swing.”

Due to the abundance of events in Orange – including Mother’s Day to be celebrated on May 29 and a major music festival – unlike in previous years, no tête-à-tête delegations are expected this time around.

“We hope that the student exchange between Ludwig-Wilhelm-Gymnasium and Tulla-Gymnasium with Orange will continue from September,” says Kentz.

In Ostrów, Czech Republic, we had a quiet corona

A group with former mayor Joseph Zelezny is expected of Ostrov for tête-à-tête. A delegation from Rastatt with some members of the city council wants to go to Ostrov for the city festival on June 18.

The Catholic parish is also planning a trip to the Czech city to celebrate Pentecost. Kientz stresses that the corona case is very relaxed with the number of cases being just over 60 recently.

A delegation from Fano with tête-à-tête

Similar to Rastatt, Fano currently has an infection rate of less than 500. About 80 percent of the population has been vaccinated. The first big meeting of the Rastatt group in the Italian city after Corona should be the participation of flag bearers in the Paleo Grand Festival.

Partnership with Italian flag bearers must be completed after this act was postponed due to Corona. According to Kentz, a small delegation from Fano agreed to be part of tête-à-tête.

The vaccination rate in Woking, England is 93 percent

With a vaccination rate of 93 percent, Woking ranks first compared to the other twin cities in Rastatt. Here, too, a delegation to the Street Theater Festival announced.

Mayor Pütsch is traveling to England for a charity event next weekend. “He’s also bringing some gifts that will be auctioned off on this ball for a good cause,” declared Kentz.

Rastatt and St. Louis have a climate partnership

Rastatt maintains a climate partnership with the city in western Senegal, which currently includes installing photovoltaic systems, reforestation of mangroves and greening the inner city. Currently communication is via regular video conferencing. The incidence value in St. Louis has been reduced to nearly zero, but it can be assumed that the number was not reported. According to Kientz, ten percent of the population has been vaccinated, but almost no one has been boosted.

In general, the city does not currently plan a citizen’s trip to one of the partner cities. The main reason: “If someone gets injured on the way, isolation will be a huge problem, and many clubs are still reluctant to do so,” explains Kentz – with the hope that such bookings will also disappear for the foreseeable future.

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