War Day Glance: Moscow Sees Itself About to Be Targeted in Luhansk – Barbuk Sets an Example in Ukraine

Glimpse of war day
Moscow sees itself on the verge of achieving the goal in Luhansk – Berbuk is an example in Ukraine

Shocked during her visit to Bucha, Germany’s foreign minister, Annallina Barbock, declared that the victims of the atrocities owed her to the perpetrators. But the visit of President Silinsky and Kyiv Mayor Klitschko is also on the agenda. Meanwhile, Moscow believes that it is a big step towards capturing the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine and has not succumbed to the bombing of the Azov steel plants in Mariupol. A quick glimpse into the 76th day of the war.

Barbuk meets Selenskyj and visits Bucha

Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk was the first member of the German government to visit Kyiv. The green politician got a picture of the devastation in the Kyiv suburbs of Irbin and Bucha today. More than 400 bodies were found in Bucha after the Russian forces withdrew – some with their hands tied behind their backs. “We owe it to these victims not only to memorialize them here, but also to hold the perpetrators accountable and to hold them accountable,” Barbock says. It also announced the reopening of the German embassy in Kyiv with limited operations. She explained in a meeting with her Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba that Germany wants to dispense with any energy from the “aggressor” Russia in the future. “That is why we are reducing our dependence on Russian energy to zero – forever,” the minister said. In the evening she met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky said at the meeting that Germany’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people is of great value to the country.

Foreign Minister: Solidarity with Kyiv will not wane

Barbuk also assured Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko of more support in the military sector and reconstruction. Klitschko said at the meeting that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to prevent democratic development in Ukraine. He wants to build a Russian empire. “We don’t know how far it will go,” Klitschko said. “Your visit in wartime is very important to us,” Larbock said. The mayor showed her a part of the city during a tour.

The Dutch foreign minister in the basement of explosives

Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra had to spend time in a bomb cellar during his visit to Kyiv due to the warning of an air raid. The 46-year-old fled to safety the evening before a scheduled meeting with Mayor Vitali Klitschko when sirens warned of Russian air strikes. Hoekstra traveled to Kyiv by train with German Foreign Minister Annallina Barbock and made several appointments with her. Barbock himself was reportedly not affected by the protection measure.

Schulz: No quick accession of Ukraine to the European Union

Returning from Ukraine, Barbel Bass, President of the Bundestag, called on Ukraine to speed up its pace when it joined the European Union. During the discussion, Chancellor Olaf Schultz indicated that the EU’s negotiations with the six Western Balkan countries should take priority. Regardless, the same criteria and requirements will apply to all accession negotiations, he said when discussing whether Ukraine’s accession modalities should be shortened. The Federal Foreign Minister has similarly argued. Berbuk promises Ukraine full membership in the European Union. The green politician in Kyiv said there could be no “shortcut” on the way there.

It is said that more than 1,000 soldiers were holed up in the steel mills of Azov

According to the Ukrainian government, more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers remain at the Azov steel mills in Mariupol, which were besieged by Russian forces. “Hundreds of people have been injured,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verychuk said. Wirishuk said some soldiers were “severely injured” and had to be “urgently” removed from the steel mills. “The situation is getting worse every day.” It also rejected the statements of two local officials that there are still about 100 civilians in the factory. “It’s not true,” she said. Meanwhile, Russian forces came under heavy bombardment. The deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Svyatoslav Palamar, told the newspaper “Okrajinska Pravda” that the area was attacked from the air all night.

Moscow claims to have already advanced to the Luhansk border

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haji also spoke of the heavy bombing. Accordingly, there were 22 attacks in the past 24 hours until morning. In the morning, sirens sounded to warn of air strikes in several Ukrainian regions, including Lukansk, Kharkiv and Dnipro. Russia has always talked about controlling the entire Luhansk region. Now they report that they have broken through the administrative boundaries of the Luhansk region. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in Moscow that the small town of Popasna, which was the subject of intense conflict until recently, has now been “cleared” of “Ukrainian nationalists”. But Governor Hajjaj clearly disagreed, describing the Russian statements as “fantasy.”

Ukraine suspends gas transit in Luhansk region

Because of the war, Ukraine will stop transiting Russian gas in the eastern Luhansk region from Wednesday. As a result, up to 32.6 million cubic meters of gas was lost per day – nearly a third of the maximum amount that can be transported through Ukraine to Europe per day, the operator of the Ukrainian gas network announced on Tuesday. She added that due to the Russian occupation, it became impossible to divert gas to other distribution stations through the Sochranivka point. The operator indicated the case of “force majeure”.

US intelligence: Donbass is only a temporary target for Russia – Moscow is behind schedule

According to US intelligence coordinator Avril Haines, Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for “a protracted conflict in Ukraine, in which he remains committed to achieving goals beyond Donbass.” Putin is determined to establish a land connection with the breakaway, pro-Russian region of Transnistria in the east of the Republic of Moldova. The director of US intelligence told the US Senate Armed Services Committee that Putin should therefore declare martial law. With Putin’s goals greater than the capabilities of the Russian armed forces, it is “likely” that the president will embark on an increasingly “unpredictable and potentially escalating” path in the coming months. US military sources have now announced that Russia is at least two weeks behind the scheduled date of its invasion of the Donbass region. This also applies to southern Ukraine, says a senior US military representative, who asked not to be named.

The Pentagon: No indication that a hypersonic missile was used in Odessa

The US Department of Defense has no evidence that hypersonic missiles were used in the recent Russian attacks on the Ukrainian port of Odessa. On a telephone keypad with reporters, a senior ministry official said he could not confirm the use of such weapons. Air strikes on Odessa have increased in recent days. According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian Air Force fired supersonic Kinzhal missiles at the port of southern Ukraine during the night. The State Department official said there was no evidence of an attack on Odessa by ground forces or from the Black Sea. “Odessa remains firmly under Ukrainian control.”

Wave of resignations from Russia’s rulers

Five Russian regional presidents have resigned within a few hours or no longer wish to run for re-election. Officially, they specify their ages and long tenures of work. Among them, for example, are Sergei Shwachkin from Tomsk in Siberia and his colleague Igor Vasiligo from Kirov, about 1,000 kilometers northeast of Moscow. But the wave of resignations raised astonishment and speculation for many citizens. Many users of the Telegram news service wondered whether the regional chiefs might no longer want to support the two-and-a-half-month war against Ukraine and the economic consequences for the Russian provinces. Others speculated that the five politicians may not have been sufficiently loyal to the Kremlin. So far there is no evidence of this.

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