Amok Alert in Essen: 16 years planned attacks on two schools

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A 16-year-old planned attacks on Don Bosco High School and a High School in Essen. A manifesto containing xenophobic slogans was found.

It is highly suspected that a 16-year-old from Essen planned attacks on his current and former school in Essen Purbeck. The young man was arrested Thursday morning and is in custody pending investigation. According to information from this newspaper, a manifesto with xenophobic slogans and various weapons was found. Since then, police have been widespread in the Don Bosco Gymnasium and in the Realschule am Schloss Borbeck. There is an explosives detection and forensic dog on site.

According to Deputy Prime Minister NRW Joachim Stamp (FDP), a suspected Nazi terrorist attack was prevented. Stamp announced this via Twitter on Thursday. “We can neither confirm nor deny this,” a police spokeswoman in Essen said. The NRW Home Office announced a statement to Home Secretary Herbert Rolle (CDU) during the day.

The mayor of Essen, Thomas Coven, wrote on his personal Facebook page: “We were very traumatized during the night. A 16-year-old student can do great harm, especially to people. Fortunately, this was prevented by a lot of courageous measures from By many parties.” The mayor announced talks with students and school management.

The young suspect was surprised by a special unit in his parents’ apartment on Klopstockstrasse around 4 am. Lots of clues are secured there. The police did not comment on the fact that, according to information from “Bild”, in addition to hard disks, there were homemade pipe bombs.

Planned attack on schools in Essen: bomb-detection dog searches apartment

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If an explosive was indeed discovered, investigators would likely have prevented the worst by having quick access to it. Just a few hours ago, they were said to have received relevant information from an acquaintance of the 16-year-old about the school. During the morning the police had about a dozen large moving boxes, oblong objects wrapped in brown paper that appeared to be blunt weapons such as spears and a crossbow removed from the apartment. After that an explosive detection dog was used there.

Apparently the suspect planned attacks on his current and former school

Neighbors reported that the family had been living in an upstairs apartment on Klopstockstrasse for about a year, which they had been searching for for hours – a few hundred meters from Don Bosco. The teenager had originally attended high school, but then switched to high school recently.

Classmates want to know about the 16-year-old, that he was interested in the Hitler Youth and weapons, and that he was someone who built things with nails in art class. Perhaps some were afraid of him.

Police have not yet commented on background and detailed questions. on her official Twitter channel The authority initially wrote only: “Police are investigating under high pressure. Please do not engage in speculation.”

Attack plans in Essen: Schools closed on Thursday

At about 7:20 a.m., the high school posted the following on its website: “Breaking news. Unfortunately, the school should be canceled today.” In order to check the school for clues, we had to block access to the school today in consultation with the police. We ask for your understanding. For now, we assume that normal school can take place again tomorrow.”

There were no barriers, the school gate was open. But no one was allowed in. A number of police officers guarded the school premises. This Thursday, the matriculation exams will be rewritten in German at Theodor-Hartz-Straße. It is not clear whether this fact is related to the alleged plans for the attack.

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