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Two children died in Hanau. The police opened a murder investigation. The search for the suspect continues.

Update from Thursday, May 12 at 11:39 a.m.: Police have opened a murder investigation into the death of a girl and boy in a multi-storey house in Römmerstraße in Hanau. A spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office told dpa that the children are siblings – a seven-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy.

An autopsy conducted the day before revealed that the girl had died of injuries caused by ‘sharp force to the neck’. The boy died of multiple internal injuries from falling from a great height. The spokeswoman said the causes of the fall were part of the investigation “which is being conducted on suspicion of murder.”

Children killed in Hanau: the search for suspects continues

Meanwhile, searches for a suspect and forensic procedures that began yesterday continued on Thursday. According to reports, he must be the father of the children, which was also reported by several media outlets. A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office said no arrests had been made. It did not comment on the identity of the suspect. The day before, detectives spoke of a suspected family background in the crime. The siblings lived in the apartment where the crime took place.

According to the police, the notes of passers-by or residents can be an important building block to clarify the case. Therefore, anyone who has seen a prominent person in connection with the crime is asked to contact the Hanau Criminal Police at 06181 100-123.

Children dead in Hanau: the Prosecutor announced today the autopsy

Update from Thursday, May 12 9:43 a.m.: Following the supposed violent deaths of two children in Hanau on Wednesday (May 11), investigations into the crime are still ongoing. The police are still looking for a suspect man – investigators assume a family background.

But: the authorities initially did not want to reveal the relationship between the wanted and the 7-year-old girl and the 11-year-old boy. Thursday (May 12) the public prosecutor wants to inform the public of the autopsy results.

After the violent deaths of two children, candles and flowers in the inner courtyard of a high-rise building in Hanau commemorate the victims. © dpa / Boris Roessler

Dead children in Hanau: Police suspect murder

According to previous information, investigators assume the commission of a murder. Passers-by alerted police on Wednesday morning after it was discovered that a child had been seriously injured on the ground in front of the high-rise building, and later died in hospital. Then the officers found the girl lifeless on the balcony of an apartment on the ninth floor.

Police cordoned off the area around the downtown skyscraper, questioned neighbors and obtained clues. A drone was also used to take pictures. Bushes were removed in front of the 11-storey building to allow inspection of the area.

Police operation in Hanau: 2 children (11 and 7) killed – investigators commit crimes

Update from Wednesday, May 11th at 1:16pm: An autopsy will be carried out from downtown Hanau on Wednesday (May 11). This was announced by the police and the Public Prosecution Office at noon. The boy (11) and the girl (7) are believed to have been the victims of a crime in the morning. Official information indicates that the first indications point to a family crime background. The search for a suspect under great pressure has so far been unsuccessful.

How the children died remains unclear. Passers-by found the seriously injured boy on Wednesday (May 11) at about 7.25am in a high-rise building on Römerstrasse and alerted the police. The building has eleven floors in total, with a shop and café on the ground floor. On the balcony of an apartment on the ninth floor, the lifeless body of the girl was found by emergency services. She added that the emergency doctor can only determine death.

Two children victims of an alleged murder in Hanau.  Intensive investigations are underway on Wednesday (May 11).
Two children victims of an alleged murder in Hanau. Intensive investigations are underway on Wednesday (May 11). © Frank Rampenhorst / D

Alleged murder in Hanau: What happened “in the morning at home”?

The boy was no longer responding when the officers arrived. He was taken to the Hanau City Hospital, where he died a little later. An autopsy should now reveal more about the circumstances of the children’s deaths. Investigators assume a murder. According to a statement, they now want to focus on “what happened at home in the morning”. The relationship between the suspect and the children was initially kept open.

It is said that the children lived together in the apartment where the dead girl was found. The Public Prosecutor said that the identity of the deceased “is not yet clear.” According to a report in Bild newspaper, they are brothers. Investigative authorities in Hanau are likely to publish more findings on the case on Thursday (May 12). Antiquities are currently being secured and neighbors questioned.

In Hanau, the case caused an uproar. Police officers blocked off the streets around the house in downtown Hanau with duct tape and patrol cars. However, some onlookers gathered. Meanwhile, the police flew a drone over the house to film the crime scene. The bushes were removed from the front of the house. Several media reported around the country.

A girl was found dead in a skyscraper in Hanau on Wednesday (May 11).  A second child later died in hospital.
A girl was found dead in a skyscraper in Hanau on Wednesday (May 11). A second child later died in hospital. ©

Major police operation in Hanau: two children killed

Update from Wednesday, May 11 at 11:35 a.m.: After the deaths of two children from Hanau, investigators hypothesize a murder. A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Hanau told dpa. It also confirmed that the boy, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries until Wednesday morning (May 11), also died.

Nothing is known about the circumstances of the deaths of the two children. A girl was found dead on the balcony of a downtown skyscraper, and the boy was badly injured on the street. The police are looking for the suspect. According to the information in this newspaper, murder investigators have arrived at the site.

Two children die in Hanau: evidence of family background

According to the Hanau Public Prosecutor’s Office, there are indications of a family background to the crime. The dead are said to be seven and 11 years old and live in the apartment on whose balcony the girl’s body was found. Bild newspaper reported that it was about a brother and sister. The mayor of Hanau, Klaus Kaminski, told the newspaper that the family “has been receiving social and educational support for a few months”.

A major police operation is underway in Hanau on Wednesday morning (May 11).
A major police operation is underway in Hanau on Wednesday morning (May 11). ©

Bigger police operation in Hanau: two children killed

First report on Wednesday, May 11 at 9:26 a.m.: Hanau – In the center of Hanau, there is a major police operation on Wednesday morning (May 11). A seriously injured child was found on the sidewalk in front of a high-rise on Romer Street at around 7.20am, a police spokesperson confirmed in southeast Hesse. The child was taken to hospital and is said to have succumbed to his injuries.

Emergency services also found a dead girl on the balcony of a ninth-floor apartment. No further details are known about the case.

The police could not say anything about the age of the children. Police and prosecutors on site. Investigation is underway. Police in Hanau hope to be able to say more about the background in the morning.

There was similar tragic news from the Greater Hanau region at the beginning of the year: in January, two children were killed in an apartment building in Dettingen (Aschaffenburg district). Specialists discovered a highly toxic substance there. (ag / juf / dpa)

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