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The Memminger Indians celebrated their greatest success with Sergej Waßmiller. Now it moves to SELP. In an interview with our editors, he evaluated.

He led ECDC Memmingen to his biggest success to date, to Germany’s Vice Championship in the Ice Hockey League. A few days later, coach Serge Wakemeler announced that he was leaving Hühnerberg and signed with DEL2 Club Selb. What does he expect there and how does he spend his time there Memmingen In mind, our editorial team spoke at length with the 51-year-old. We met him on the phone in a small village near Schweinfurt, where the Wassmiller family lives.

Mr. Wassmiller, why are you going to Selp? Why not extend the contract in Memmingen?

Serge Wesmiller: Connections to Selb have been around for a long time. I already played there (From 2009 to 2011, footnote d. editor). I promised myself a long time ago that I would come back one day. A lot happened there, they invested a lot. Now it’s a new challenge for me to coach the DEL2 team. In addition, I am now in Zlab closer to my family, my home. (In the background you can now hear a little boy’s voice getting louder. Here’s my princess! He means Emilia, his 14-month-old granddaughter, who takes her tenderly and says to her: Come to me, darling!)

Waßmiller: If things had gotten worse, I would have left the DEL2 club

How long has your departure been known behind the scenes?

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Wassmiller: Oh, I already announced it. That was in the middle of the season. I think sometime in January. (Waßmiller should laugh and say jokingly 🙂 If things went wrong, I would leave DEL2 and coach a Premier League team in the future (Memmingen fought for promotion to DEL2, Selb just survived a relegation in the playoffs, editor’s note.)

You’ve talked about wanting to be closer to your family again. I came to Memminger Hühnerberg during the 2018/19 season. How have you managed to balance work and family over the past four seasons?

Wassmiller: I owned a small apartment in Memmingen and I’ve always been there. I only came home on holidays. But this is normal and nothing special. Many people do this in our business.

For Waßmiller, the qualifiers were the most important of all

What was particularly good for you in Memmingen?

Wassmiller: Oh, there were so many good moments. But the past play-offs, in which we advanced to the final, were of course the most important.

Was there anything you didn’t like at all about Memmingen?

Wassmiller: In four years, we’ve achieved a lot together here. We were able to bring ice hockey forward. Much has been accomplished. We have become as professional as we can be. It was especially important for me to instill a winning mentality in the team. I hope I succeeded (He laughs). In general, one should not forget: it is always difficult to get a good reputation as an ice hockey site. It is much easier to break.

What are your goals now at SELP?

Wassmiller: She signed a three-year contract there. First of all, it is about maintaining the class, and then gradually increasing the competition. But you also need to know that huge sums of double digit millions are being invested in a new building in selp. This is a huge project. In the future there will also be fitness rooms and a VIP area. And in a year or two there will likely be a second ice rink.

The former ECDC coach will always be remembered by Memmingen fans

That sounds very attractive to you, Mr. Waßmiller, and shows me the other reasons why I decided to make the change. Because all things mentioned are still missing in Memmingen. But what do you say now to bid farewell to the masses in Memmingen?

Wassmiller: You were always our seventh man, you always supported us and gave us momentum. That’s why I want to give a big thank you to the special fans of Memmingen. It will remain in my memory forever.

Are there others you would like to thank?

Wassmiller: Oh yes! First with my team, supervisors, doctors and physiotherapists. But also with all of the sponsors, especially with sponsor supervisor Bernd Schuster. He was always very helpful but I would also like to thank everyone who helped the team: with timekeeping, at the kiosks and security. Plus, the entire board of directors has always been fair to me and my team. I would like to extend a special thanks to Sports Director Sven Muller. We were a team and we did very well together. His entire family has been a tremendous help to us. For all these reasons, I hope so ECDC Memmingen Continuing success and all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Did you get a parting gift?

Wassmiller: I received many gifts, more than ever. It is all over the place of people who have become my friends. That was so much fun.

What hobbies does Sergej Waßmiller have?

What do you do when you don’t play hockey?

Wassmiller: I already have some hobbies: cycling, reading, fishing, going on vacation. I always try to turn off and recharge for the new season.

Do you have time now to recover after a long season?

Wassmiller: In principle, work has already begun on SELP. There is so much to do and there will be so much to do. But I’m not afraid of that. But I needed a break. Now I’ll take it too. I had a tough interlude with very honest and intense ice hockey.

Having already left Memmingen, let me ask you a question that you can actually answer from a distance: What diagnosis do you make for ECDC Memmingen?

Wassmiller: I can only wish the team to go far again. Sven Muller already has a large part of the team under contract. The crew is healthy. Now the right people have to come. I trust the team again. But it will be more difficult. Because next season everyone will be totally excited to play against us (…After a short pause, Waßmiller himself realized that he was still talking about “us” when it came to Indians – and he had to laugh heartily.)

Personal Details: Sergej Wassmiller

Personal: Serge Wassmiller was born on October 1, 1970 in Nizhnekamsk in what was then the Soviet Union.

family: Serge Wassmiller is married. He has two children, a 28-year-old daughter and a 26-year-old son.

player: Waßmiller began his football career in 1999 at ERV Schweinfurt in the regional ice hockey league, Bayernliga today. In 2009 he moved to Silber Wolves, where he was promoted to the German Bundesliga in 2010. He finished his football career at ESC Haßfurt in the local league and at EHC Bayreuth in the Bavarian league.

Coach: For the 2011/2012 season, Sergej Waßmiller began his coaching career at ESC Haßfurt. During the 2018/19 season, in October 2018, he transferred to Oberliga ECDC Memmingen.

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