Career prospects for young players: Employment Agency and VfL Osnabrück work hand in hand

From left: Dr. Doreen Emler (Professional Consulting for Team Leader before working life, Osnabrück Employment Agency), Miguel Forder (Educational Director, Coach U12, VfL Osnabrück), Dr. Michael Welling (Managing Director VfL Osnabrück), Christian Verne (CEO of Osnabrück Employment Agency), Alexander Ukrow (Head of Youth Football, VfL Osnabrück), Patriz Lleshi (Job Adviser to Osnabrück Employment Agency), Katherine Suffert (Sports Psychologist, Youth Training Center VfL Osnabrück) and Günter Böttcher (Employment Consultant Agency for Employment in Osnabrück). / Photo: Groenwold

Professional football players – this is the dream of many young, up-and-coming players. But only a few achieve this goal. Under the motto “Whistle for Your Future”, young footballers from the youth academy should show a perspective outside football at an early stage.

“The career advice provided by the Employment Agency is primarily aimed at providing guidance. Young people are accompanied in schools to enable a smooth transition into working life. So far, this has mainly happened in school as a place of learning” Christian FernCEO of the Osnabrück Employment Agency. Now, with the VfL Youth Academy, another site has been added. “There are a lot of young people who dream of becoming professional players. Unfortunately, that only works for very few,” Vern explains. In fact, only 2% to 3% of young players jump into a professional career. This is where they come in In which the new cooperation with VfL.

Few of young talents become professional

career advisor Patriz Lychee In the meantime, he can put himself in the position of young athletes quite well: “I once dreamed of becoming a professional. That is why perhaps I can sympathize with many young people. But it is also important to be realistic. ” “Professional advice would like to make other points of view besides sport as clear as possible.” Player groups under 16, under 17, and under 19 are of particular interest for professional advice.

Think about alternatives as soon as possible

Above all, VfL Osnabrück expects experience from the cooperation with the recruitment agency. “We want to offer training focused on young players. Of course, players should be able to pursue their hobby with great motivation. However, it is important that we train comprehensively in order to do justice to our mission” Dr. Michael Welling, managing director of VfL Osnabrück. “We want to train characters who feel comfortable in their role. But this also includes showing the boys other career opportunities.” Catherine Soffert, a sports psychologist at VfL Youth Academy. “Young players should think about alternatives as soon as possible, not just after they graduate.”

Christian Verne and Dr. Michael Welling signed the cooperation agreement. / Photo: Groenewold

Part-time internships are a promising model. This allows young players to take a two-pronged approach, that is, to combine competitive sports with business training. However, there are not yet many companies that can offer this form. “Many competitive athletes have skills that companies look for in business. Young people have learned how to handle pressure and achieve a lot,” says Soffert.

Individual training on offer

Various shows are planned as part of the collaboration. In addition to the various group appointments, which are also given at the school, working hours for professional advice are also established. They must be coordinated with training times. If necessary, individual training is also offered, where all questions related to professional development can be dealt with. The project is initially limited to the end of 2023. If successful, it must be extended.

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