Did coach Massimiliano Allegri spoil the Serbian giant?

Dusan Vlahovic scored 20 goals in 24 matches with Fiorentina this season. After moving to Juventus for €75 million, only seven goals were added. The legend of the Italian striker blames the Juventus coach in particular, Massimiliano Allegri.

Represented the legendary Italian striker Christian Vieri on Tuesday from Gazzetta dello sport And Vieri was asked about naming the best striker of the current season in the Italian Serie A, and he said: Dusan Vlahovic – in the striker’s version of his time in Fiorentina. And not Dusan Vlahovic, who has been in trouble at Juventus since January.

Vlahovic scored 17 goals in 21 league matches with Fiorentina this season, in addition to three goals in the Italian Cup in three matches. Since moving to Italian record champions Juventus for €75m, Vlahovic’s first Champions League goal came in his first game, but other than that it was just six goals in 13 league matches.

In the Coppa Italia, in which Vlahovic and Juventus will face Vecchia Signora’s last chance to win the title this season in the Derby Italia final on Wednesday (9pm, Levere), Vlahovic has been goalless in three matches so far.

For Vieri, the reason for the drop in Vlahovic’s hit rate is very simple: “If you play in a team that plays poorly, you play poorly too,” said the former Juventus striker. The Gazzetta.

Juventus: Old and realistic football under Allegri

Certainly: it is a fact that Juventus have not played well under Massimiliano Allegri this season. After a disastrous start to the season and a very mediocre first half of the season – Juventus finished seventh at Christmas – the return to the Juventus coaching bench opted for an old and very realistic tactical approach after Vlahovic arrived to bring Juventus forward in Serie A.

Indeed, Juventus hasn’t played well or even spectacularly, but with two games remaining, the Italian record champion is fourth and thus has already secured a place in the Champions League.

For Antonio Cassano, another legendary Italian striker who has never played for Juventus but has never lost to strong theses, the question of guilt is clear: “Juventus don’t know how to play football. When it comes to building a team, Allegri I can’t give you any Something, you’ve said since September, the season will be the same,” confirmed on Vieri’s Twitch channel BoboTV.

During his time at Milan (2011-2012) – Allegri was the coach at the time – it was not the head coach who set the tactics, but his assistant Mauro Tassotti.

According to Cassano, the only reason why Juventus finished fourth is because Juventus spent “100 million euros” in the winter. In light of this, fourth place is disappointing. And Willhovich? Allegri destroyed it. Cassano’s conclusion: “Allegri must go.”

Velhovic, in one statistic, is the worst player in the Italian league

Indeed, the arrival of Vlahovic was not a major factor in Juve’s comeback. Although he scored a goal after just 13 minutes from his start and even needed just 32 seconds to score his first Champions League goal, the Serbia international has often been unlucky.

Thanks to his impressive goal-scoring record at Fiorentina, Vlahovic is still second in Serie A with 23 goals behind the indestructible Cerro Immobile (27), but other than that the 22-year-old striker’s data is disappointing:

  • No Serie A player has lost the ball as often this season (392 rotations), only four players in Europe’s top five leagues have been worse here (1st place: Jose Luis Sanmartín Mato of Deportivo Alaves).
  • Only 39 percent of Vlahovic’s passes reached the penalty area. For comparison: Erling Haaland, who was frequently compared to Vlahovic in his version at Fiorentina, brought 71 percent of his passes to the player in the penalty area.
  • In Florence, Vlahovic scored a goal every 102 minutes. In Juve it is one every 206 minutes. Its closing rate fell from 22.99 per cent to 12.5 per cent.
  • Also, Vlahovic averages fewer shots on target (3.6 to 3.1) and shots on target (6.1 to 5.9).

Juventus: Valhovic is a replacement for Giorgio Chiellini

No wonder, then, that there was plenty of derision when he was replaced by defender Giorgio Chiellini in the last game against Venice: he was seen as an absurd example of how mediocre he had come to the idea of ​​Allegri for football.

But is it really up to the coach? Or is Vlahovic not quite as much as he was supposed to after a fantastic first half of the season in Florence? At that time, the Serbian player was not only making his way into the books of Juventus scouts, but also sparked his interest in BVB and Tottenham Hotspur. And when asked who might one day replace Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich, Vlahovic repeatedly responded.

Like Juventus expert Fabio Liccari in Gazzetta “The best number 9 in the league is still a foreign body at Juventus,” he wrote on Monday.

Of course, the Juventus match brings a whole different kind of pressure. “Dossan needs time,” said former Bayern Munich defender Medhi Benatia. Gazzetta. “When you get to Turin, you have to be comfortable with the weight of the shirt you’re wearing, no matter what your salary or how much it costs.”

Benatia continued: “Sometimes I saw him complaining on TV. This is not good. He is a guaranteed key player. Allegri will trust him. He just has to be patient.”

In any case, Allegri is troubled by suggestions that he has “ruined” one of the world’s best young strikers. He also denied rumors of personal or tactical issues with Vlahovic, going so far as to say he was surprised by how well Vlahovic has fared since his January move.

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