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Eintracht Frankfurt plays Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final in Seville on Wednesday 18 May. This bar contains all the information about the game.

+++ The registry defends wedding postponements +++

The Frankfurt registry defended the postponement of a total of nine weddings in Römer the following day. “This decision was not an easy one for us. However, especially against the background of the events of the semi-final match at home against West Ham United, we came to the conclusion that we could not guarantee a safe and dignified wedding that day in Romer.” explained Natasha Keck, Vice President The registry office in Frankfurt This decision was explained to all nine couples.With tens of thousands of passionate football fans right below the wedding hall, we cannot offer the newlyweds the dignified atmosphere they truly expect from a wedding in Römer.

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+++ UEFA warns against buying tickets in the secondary market +++

Ahead of the Europa League final, UEFA has warned fans not to buy tickets in the secondary market. The Federation announced that the sale of tickets would be carried out exclusively by UEFA. Therefore any tickets offered for sale online by third parties would be in violation of the Ticket Terms and Conditions. UEFA has announced that it will monitor the internet and take appropriate action in the event of a breach. At the same time, there must be strict controls by local authorities in front of the stadium.

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+++ The city is not currently planning a second public offering +++

The city of Frankfurt is not planning any more public viewing of the Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers on Wednesday (9pm). A city spokesperson told hr-sport when asked. The public show at Frankfurt Stadium sold out within a short period of time, and tickets are now circulating online at exorbitant prices.

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+++ Lindstrom is not in training, I hope he will sign up for Seville +++

Jesper Lindstrom will also miss Eintracht’s last Bundesliga match on Saturday in Mainz. This was confirmed by a spokesman for Eintracht on Thursday. The Dane received treatment in recent days after sustaining a thigh injury since the first leg of the semi-finals at West Ham United. On Thursday, he trained individually. According to Eintracht, there is still hope that Lindstrom will take part in the final in Seville.

+++ Eintracht begins the countdown to Seville +++

Eintracht’s first real training session started this week at 11am. Prior to that, the Frankfurt Pros had had two days of rest completely and were allowed to relax a bit. There was only a ban on the party. Time for loved ones was of course possible. From today it got serious again. After the training, there are many informational activities on the agenda.

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+++ This is how it looks so far in general view +++

Anyone who does not travel to Seville can watch the final together on Wednesday in the arena in the city forest. Keyword: public viewing. Our reporter Ron Ulrich is at Eintracht today and has already played Mouse. This is how it looks now:

public viewing

+++ Loy bets on Eintracht win +++

Eintracht goalkeeper legend Egon Lowe, who stood between the two Frankfurt bases in the 1960 European Cup final against Real Madrid, believes Hessen will win the final against Rangers. “I bet 3:1 for Frankfurt,” the 90-year-old explained in an interview with Kicker. He also revealed the secret recipe: “You can’t engage in duels and then it’s over.” Lowe eliminated Rangers with Eintracht in the semi-finals in 1960 and speaks from his experience: “Against British teams you have to try to let the ball go.”

+++ Krösche: Toure has our full confidence +++

Sporting director Marcus Croce boosted Eintracht defender Alamy Toure ahead of the Europa League final in Seville. “He has our full confidence,” the Frankfurt manager confirmed in an interview with Bild newspaper. Toure is likely to replace injured Martin Hinterger in the starting line-up. The reserves were also reliable against Barcelona and West Ham United. Crouch continued, “He did an excellent job in the Europa League matches. When he was needed, he was there.”

+++ Einlaufkids from Steinbach +++

Josha and Luanne Mormel attend the Eintracht final in Seville – but not as a regular spectator. Five-year-old Josha brothers and seven-year-old Luanne from Steinbach (Hochtaunus) are allowed to take part in the final as a warm-up kid. As reported by the Osthessen news portal, the family won the lottery. Now the enthusiastic Eintracht family will go to Seville together.

Eintracht Frankfurt in the final: +++ current information from Thursday +++

Eintracht Frankfurt plays Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League final in Seville on Wednesday 18 May. In this tape there will be all the information about the game from Thursday.

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