Germany needs a culture of independence

Kick-off days for all CONTORA office solutions centers May 23-25

Nearly 127,000 companies were founded in Germany in 2021. Behind every new company there is an idea and at least one person who has turned a business idea into reality. But despite such an impressive number, Germany is far from a “culture of independence”. This decision is still a step that many do not dare to take. They associate independence with countless doubts and the risk of failure. However, CONTORA’s start-up days aim to prove that the risks of entrepreneurship can certainly be worthwhile and that you are not alone in facing daily business challenges. Prospective founders can expect good discussions, many competent advice, valuable networking, and a very special offer.

It seems that stepping into self-employment is the bravest thing you can dare in your working life. Anyone who takes it is convinced of his business idea and strategy and consciously accepts disadvantages and risks. The fact that there are strong and competent partners on this path who are happy to share their own experiences that business founders can experience in their CONTORA start-up days. From May 23-25, the office and service experts of the group of companies will be available to answer questions in all 10 CONTORA office solution centers.

Discussions and knowledge in a professional atmosphere

“Every startup is different,” says Lars Henkel, co-owner and co-general manager of the CONTORA group of companies. “I also had this experience in the founding phase of our company and at the opening of each CONTORA Office Solution Center,” he smiles at last. “There has always been something fundamentally different and more challenging than other startups.” But the experience makes you more relaxed, he says. His fellow director Helmut Arend sees it similarly. “One piece of advice we can give all founders now is to plan for a sufficient period of time for the start-up phase,” he stresses. “Unfortunately, there can always be unexpected delays. But you grow with each new task.”

In CONTORA’s start-up days, business founders meet these two experienced pioneers, among others. “The initiation phase is always associated with stress,” explains Lars Henkel. “Therefore, we value not only the useful discussions, but also the professional and trusting atmosphere of the discussions, for which we will take sufficient time at the individual sites.” CONTORA Learn about office solutions centers. “Confidentiality and efficiency are important characteristics that an entrepreneur must represent – we are happy to support them with competent services and an outstanding work environment at major business addresses. We are happy to do a routine so that the founder and entrepreneur can focus on their actual tasks,” explain Henckel and Arend.

A very special ‘treatment’

All interviewees who answer questions on CONTORA start days are distinguished by a wealth of experience and a special degree of competence in their field. “Founders don’t need anyone to sponsor them on their way. But every entrepreneur needs people to accompany him, advise him, support him and comfort him,” explains Lars Henkel.

“The path to self-employment is never straight. But we want to accompany entrepreneurs with our teams and be a fair and competent partner for them,” emphasizes Helmut Arend. This is why all CONTORA Office Solutions Center locations have a very special “deli” ready: anyone who signs a contract within CONTORA start-up days, eg for their first new business address and new office, receives the service reserved for one free month as a CONTORA startup grant . “We offer offices and services at ten major business addresses in Germany. Individual and flexible – according to the needs of the client”, says Lars Henkel. “That is why we are also the ideal partner for SMEs and discerning founders.” Therefore, the hosts ask interested parties to schedule a personal appointment in advance at -2022 or by phone at 0800266 86 72 to visit CONTORA Startup Days “We want to be able to focus on individual questions and concerns.”

However, CONTORA start-up days are not only a meeting place for start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs. They are the place of thoughts and their realization. “Many good business ideas lie in the population,” asserts Helmut Arend and Lars Henkel. But most people do not dare to work on their own, implement their own ideas and become their own boss. However, we not only want to help in the start-up days of CONTORA so that good business ideas become a reality, but also give potential founders very practical help. That’s why we’ve developed the CONTORA Founder’s Guide specifically for this date, which summarizes important facts and information for future entrepreneurs,” Arend and Henckel promised in unison.

About CONTORA Office Solutions:

The CONTORA group of companies offers companies throughout Germany high-quality office solutions in the best locations and real estate in Germany, at the main addresses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Customers can expect a unique atmosphere featuring the highest quality materials, tasteful accessories and individual and professional customer service. A personal concierge also ensures that even the most unusual of desires are satisfied. This unsurpassed quality in every detail is an expression of what is special about CONTORA office solutions center and thus sets completely new standards in the creation of individual work areas.

Each CONTORA office solution center is equipped differently, but it is always exceptional, exclusive, and therefore unmistakable. However, the common factor among all office centers is the warm and comfortable working environment in which customers feel that they are in good hands and are extensively looked after by the service staff. This is how people are inspired and work at CONTORA Office Solutions Center and it is a whole new experience, as a foundation for business success.

CONTORA Office Solutions basically operates like hotels. Just a phone call and an exclusively furnished office in a prominent property available in a short time for a day, a week, a month, a year or more. Of course without commission. The excellent and personal service of the professional secretaries can be taken advantage of from the first minute. This eliminates the risk of long-term rentals and the hurdle of high investments.

CONTORA office solution centers offer:

Exclusive offices, from executive to team offices, in the best locations.
Flexible knot design: expand or contract as required by market conditions.
Virtual office solutions. Benefit from a first-class business address and a professional secretariat that takes incoming calls on behalf of your company. Use all services flexibly without renting an office permanently.
One-hour meeting and meeting rooms. Secret meetings in a high-quality atmosphere. HD video conferencing with the latest technology.
Secretarial Services: Personal and friendly service by competent staff on site.
– Telephone services: answering calls on behalf of the company. Acceptance of the request information services. assignments. Help Desk. Complaint accepted.

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