Golden State Warriors relegation after embarrassing performance at Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies extended their season even without Ja Morant. In Game 5, the Grizzlies embarrassedly missed the Golden State Warriors with their historic victory.

Klay Thompson had 19 points for the Warriors while Stephen Curry had 14. After that things got worse.

Referring to the Memphis anthem “Whoop That Trick”, Curry announced before the game that his team now wanted to do it in Memphis, That obviously didn’t sit well with the Grizzlies. With up to 55 points, the Grizzlies advanced in the meantime before finally lifting their foot a bit.

The Grizzlies’ top scorers were Garen Jackson Jr. (6/10 FJ, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks), Desmond Payne (6/12) and Teos Jones (7/12, 9 assists) with 21 points each, not participating Grizzlies at first. He stayed on the field for more than 25 minutes and, thanks to his detailed waste time, both rookie Grizzlies Zeyer Williams (11) and junior veterans Jonathan Kominga (17) and Moses Moody (10) both set double records.

As in Game Four, Memphis started with Jones for injured Ja Morant, and the Cominga Warriors were allowed to play again from the start – and Mike Brown was again on the bench in place of Steve Kerr (Corona Protocol).

The hosts got into the game better, Jackson in particular was hot from the start and Jones took an early lead in the 21:11 minute with a three-pull indicator. Curry was quickly shorted by three, and Thompson was also quick in the game with 12 points. Milton was there on the other side and he also sank a triple, and it was 9:0 at the end of the quarter. 38:28 for Memphis.

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