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“Trainees are our future”

schauinsland-reisen struggles against shortage of skilled workers and upgrades Tourist offspring

Duisburg, 12 May 2022 – “What would you like to experience on vacation? What does relaxation mean to you? How much money would you like to invest in getting the rest you deserve?” Asking the right questions is important at a travel agency. This week, potential tourism managers from all over Germany learned how to successfully conduct client conversations at travel agency schauinsland-reisen in Duisburg. The company once again carried out its training series “Interns in the Best Hands”. After online training and webinars for the past few weeks, there was extensive sales training this weekend for the first time.

Hardly any other industry has suffered from a shortage of skilled labor such as tourism since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The number of trainees has recently fallen sharply in both tour operators and travel agencies. The company schauinsland-reisen starts there in Duisburg and takes care of the next generation of tourists. “We would like to support the salespeople of tomorrow and accompany them at the beginning of their careers,” says Detlev Schroer, Director of Sales at schauinsland-reisen. During this week, trainees learned how to make their travel dreams come true from IHK-certified business coach Andrea Kyle. Young people have learned that the most important thing is to satisfy the desires of customers. “Anyone who goes to a travel agency assigns the staff there the most important time of the year. So you have to learn to ask about the needs of the client in order to create an individually customized offer,” says the coach.

The trainees themselves were enthusiastic about the practice-oriented implementation. “I thought it would be good to try theory from the vocational school in the exercises here on the client. After all, that is exactly what we experience in daily work,” said Mark Rundff, who is studying in his second year at the travel agency Steifholt in Kaiserslautern. Julian Tewes of Sonnenklar travel agency in a similarly positive Kiel: “The internships are much closer to practice than at vocational school.” In role-playing games, some of the participants were initially a little inhibited, but then they got out of themselves more and more. “We note here that we all go through the same thing in our day-to-day work. This makes it easier because we are all in the same situation,” says Sarah Sturdel, an intern at Gahlen Travel Shop in Schermbeck.

Even dealing with demanding clients is no longer a problem for junior employees after training. “We’re practicing active listening here,” coach Andrea Kell explains. “You have to remember what customer needs will be presented – so it is important to ask the right questions, which are then used to create a needs analysis. At the end of the day there is something for everyone.” Various examples were immediately obvious to the participants: if you want to relax on a holiday while the children are busy, you are looking for a hotel with a children’s club where he can play and take care of him. If you want to be flexible, you need a rental car. And if you do not like large hotels, we recommend a one-story complex. “At a travel agency, clients get exactly what suits their needs. The internet doesn’t give that kind of one-on-one advice,” Kyle stresses.

In addition to qualifying entry-level employees, service provider schauinsland-reisen also wants to show how attractive tourism as a job is. “This is about a vacation. “We sell dreams and operate in the most beautiful branch ever,” says Schweinsland Raisen Sales Director Detlev Schroer. “This is exactly what we want to bring young people closer to.” Also, many young people are not aware of the huge professional advancements that can be achieved in the field of tourism. The Schweinsland Raisen sales manager once did his own internship at a travel agency. “I am the best example of how diverse our industry is and what opportunities for advancement it offers.”

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